What height nightstand lamps? Where to find bedding that fits? 3 Designer tips for a luxurious master suite!

Nightstand lamps should be tall enough to cast light downward for reading, whether you’re lying down or sitting up in bed (see example). For Bedding, today’s mattresses are deeper than ever, so it’s often necessary to get custom made bedding. With custom made bedding, you can get it made wide enough to hide the mattress.    […]

How to turn a closet or furniture piece into a bar, 4 amazing options! A

To create an ideal area for a home bar, you may already have a closet, cabinet, or furniture piece in your home that is a perfect spot to store liquor or wine! See the 4 ideas below.   The above piece is ideal because it has doors instead of drawers, and a stone topwhich won’t […]