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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to add an outdoor kitchen on a budget? 4 designer tips

The grill, sink, and and gas cooktop below were on display at the local Grill store. Once the new year models arrived, they were going to tear down the display. This is a great way to get an outdoor kitchen area on a budget!
2) Consider the location of indoor plumbing and gas lines. If you are able to work around those, it will keep the cost of the addition lower, and less invasive.

3) Consider access from the indoors - is there an existing door to the kitchen that makes it handy to carry out food? If so, this allows you to avoid expenses for adding french doors.

4) Consider the access areas for the concrete truck and delivery trucks. By removing one shrub, we were 
able to create an easy access area for the concrete truck, which saved a great deal of time and money. 

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What height nightstand lamps? Where to find bedding that fits? 3 Designer tips for a luxurious master suite!

Nightstand lamps should be tall enough to cast light downward for reading, whether you're lying down or sitting up in bed (see example). For Bedding, today's mattresses are deeper than ever, so it's often necessary to get custom made bedding. With custom made bedding, you can get it made wide enough to hide the mattress.   
Notice these custom made bed shams have a 3 1/2" flange along the edge. This gives seven inches in extra width overall.
They now cover the entire width of the bed, which makes it easy to make the bed & hide the sheets and pillows 

Master bedroom with sitting area at the bay window
Notice how the drapes frame the bay window area. 

The master suite now has a comfortable chair, a floor lamp & an ottoman 
which allows it to be functional as well as beautiful! 

Clients tell us they sleep better with room darkening bedroom drapes, which is no surprise, 
since medical tests show this does affect Melatonin levels. 
Notice the nightstands do not match, but the night stand lamps still look symmetrical, 
 due to the height of the nightstands.  

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

How to turn a closet or furniture piece into a bar, 4 amazing options! A

To create an ideal area for a home bar, you may already have a closet, cabinet, or furniture piece in your home that is a perfect spot to store liquor or wine! See the 4 ideas below.  

The above piece is ideal because it has doors instead of drawers, and a stone top
which won't stain easily like a wood surface. 

Adjustable shelving heights (right side) allow the correct height to house tall liquor bottles
Which makes it easy to use the top section as an open bar. 

By removing the doors, this piece can now be used as a wine cabinet

Even a pantry can be used to store liquor,
as long as the shelves are adjustable in height

The mirrors, built in refrigerator or wine cabinet
along with a mini sink turn this closet into
an amazing bar. It's easiest to achieve if the closet is close to current plumbing. 
Do you have a home bar, liquor, or wine storage solution? We love to hear your comments! Or, for a question, you'll need to email us (click on the link at the top for the web site). Happy entertaining!

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