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Friday, December 6, 2013

How to make a traditional fireplace more contemporary, 7 unique ideas with stone, marble, and mantles!

To update a traditional fireplace, we've featured 7 amazing photographs for inspiration. 

1) It might be a simple upgrade, such as covering the brick with a lighter marble on the surround - as featured in this photo.

Photo of an updated fireplace with white marble surround and limestone mantle

Some people say they love the look of a stacked stone fireplace
One way to mimic this look is with a Faux finish in taupe & camel tones 

Some people like the clean look of a painted brick fireplace

For a contemporary fireplace,
remember that you can omit the mantle or hearth. See the flushed front as shown above 

Not interested in putting a TV in the big Niche the builder has in your fireplace?
Consider painting the interior black, and adding a large sculpture or artwork 

This stone is a nice update, with the beautiful earth tones

Do you have a fireplace idea you'd like to share? We'd love to hear your comments! Or if you have a question, be sure to email us instead.

1 comment:

Madeline Gabriel said...

Our new house has a brick fireplace that is visible directly from the front door so it would be a lovely focal point. It is currently painted the same beige as all the walls so it is pretty dull. The faux stone looks very pretty in your pictures. I'd also be curious as to effect of painting a different color or whether it is possible to tile over the brick for something dramatic.