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Monday, December 2, 2013

How to decorate with brick walls or a brick fireplace. 4 Design tips if you don't want to paint your brick!

You want to keep your brick walls or fireplace, but you're not sure how to make it look good. Perhaps you've seen magazine photos where the brick walls or fireplace looked amazing, but you can't seem to make it feel compatible with the decorating in your own home?

Here are 4 helpful tips if you don't want to paint your brick.

1) Consider a color wash! 

This allows the natural variations in the brick to show, since it's not actual paint. Some bricks walls and fireplaces look good because the bricks are a beautiful taupe or camel tone, while other bricks are too orange or too pink to be compatible. If they're not the right color, enlist the help of a color specialist, perhaps all they need is a color wash over the brick. However, if it's not done right, the pink will still "peek through the color wash".

Brick walls add texture
2) Add steel or rustic wood to compliment the brick!

If there are exposed pipes, or big "loft" windows, or wood beams, the bricks will normally blend no matter what! It just seems to go with the territory. 

Brick walls help you keep the historic feeling
3) Choose a wall paint that compliments the brick color!

If you want to keep your bricks "as is", be sure to select a wall paint that doesn't make them seem more pink or a "fleshy tone"!!  For example a taupe paint that has a slight green or gold cast would make the bricks seem even MORE pink. You can try sample quarts next on the wall next to the brick. 

Good paint colors for next to a brick wall or fireplace
4) Know that faux treatments are fast!
If you are willing to cover the bricks or tiles on your fireplace surround, know that most Faux paint techniques are easier, faster, cleaner, and less expensive than starting all over again.

AFTER (above)
our custom finish made the client fall in love with their brick fireplace surround
Also notice the changes we made in the wall unit & shelves

BEFORE (below)

For more great photos (with before and after) on fireplaces, covering brick, or mantles, click on this link:


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