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Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to decorate with white walls, 7 amazing ways to add white to a room!

Rooms can be inviting even when the walls are painted white. People often think white walls will make a room boring, but if you don't want to paint your walls, you can embrace the white, 
as the designer room photos below show. 

Embrace white walls, notice how soothing this room is 

Paint one wall dark, leave the other walls white
It can feel clean and fresh when you decorate with white!

White walls look more expensive when there is texture on the floor
This sisal rug is a nice compliment next to the off white paint 

Add white painted furniture 

Add white drapes!

Paint your bar stools or kitchen chairs white
Use white counter tops in the kitchen 
For beautiful (and functional) tips on how to decorate with white fabrics,,,, or how to make a room feel brighter and lighter, click on these blogs. Amazing designer room photos - Enjoy!

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