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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stunning ceiling ideas, 7 ceilings you won't want to miss!

Some of our favorite ceilings of all time! This arched tongue and groove ceiling is amazing due to the curved shape and curved window.  In the evening, the cove lights draw attention to this amazing architecture. Below, we'll feature 6 more gorgeous ceilings!

Arched cove ceiling tongue and groove
For the new construction project below, we specified where each recessed light should be long before the sheet rock or beam ceiling went up, this is important to consider so the lights
will be centered in each square or aligned properly with the beam ceilings.

For this beam ceiling, we adjusted the stain color so that the cherry walls would
compliment the beam ceilings which were out of a different wood. 

This wood ceiling is stunning, notice the combination of
painted wood and stained wood for the beam ceiling.  Each
wood will take the stain differently, you can
"tweak" the stain for a test run. 

For this ceiling, we used a 4 step Faux Finish process, and put cove lighting
which looks amazing at night

The crown moldings used on this ceiling draw attention to
the beautiful architecture. 

For this ceiling, we recommended two chandeliers, since
it would be impossible to center one light over the Jacuzzi.
Notice we continue the wall paint color on the ceiling,
to avoid a "stop and start" chopped up look

This deep rich ceiling paint draws attention
to the amazing crown moldings surrounding this ceiling. 
Do you have a ceiling idea you love? We like getting your comments! For tips on how to make your ceilings feel taller, or to draw attention to your architecture, see the stunning ceilings & ideas on these blogs:

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Tiffany Patterson said...

The ceiling of the library that you designed looks like a magazine! My husband would love that room.