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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What color should I paint my beach home?

To decide what color you should paint a beach home or vacation condo (we'll share tips for both the interior paint colors and the exterior paint color), check out these photos and design tips. They'll help you with coastal beach paint colors you'll love!

For exterior, here's a few good questions to ask yourself:

1) Will my roof be replaced soon, or do I have to coordinate the paint with the existing roof? If you need a new roof, that's a great place to add color to your beach home!

Beach home roof color

3) Do I prefer a subtle color, with punches of color added through chairs, benches, or other decorative items? Check out this fun stature! Who doesn't love Kermit?

This is a fun way to add color to a Beach home 
4) Can I add color with a wall hanging? This fish adds just a punch of much needed color for this Wilmington NC beach home.

Here's another way to add color to your beach home, this wall hanging is very colorful 

5) For selecting interior paint and exterior paint alike, be sure to try paint colors on a large poster board!!  The 1" sample swatches can be misleading!
paint color samples & options

6) Do I have artwork that can be used for an inspiration for the wall colors?

It should be FUN to select wall paints and exterior paints for a beach home. After all, you can use colors you'd never put in your regular home. It's a great place to go either soothing or cheerful or both, depending on your preferences. Your art can give you the inspiration for a paint color, see the photos above.
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