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Friday, October 11, 2013

Can I mix drapes with valances in the same room? How to combine two window treatments.

This blog features a mix of valances with drapes in the same room. Notice the various ways you can mix and match styles, all the windows do not have to be alike.

Kitchen window valance with
a different window treatment over the kitchen sink

Valance with full length drapes on this window
This allows the advantage of mixing a print with a solid
to get variety on your window treatments
If you're considering putting different style window treatments in the same room, such as valances on some windows and drapes on others, know that it can look great if done right!
A cheerful valance over the kitchen sink with
Drapes that can be opened and closed on the other kitchen windows
Three helpful tips:
  1. It can look nice to mix various patterns and textures. Above, we used 4 different fabrics. However, see number three below.

  2. Think about function to determine what style window treatment will work best. Do you need privacy? Are you trying to create the illusion of taller windows?

  3. It's important to lay out fabric in a large quantity in the room. Avoid making decisions from small swatches! Home owners often ask us to redo their home (or their window treatments) after another designer is finished. Sometimes this is due to lack of good communication, but even more so it's because the homeowner made decisions after viewing small swatches in the room. This is very misleading. It's impossible to visualize the end result unless you spread out yards of the fabrics in each area!

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1 comment:

Sarah Kerr said...

I like this advice.
The combination of drapes and valances that you did looks great in the photos. The fabrics are remarkable!