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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How to update my master bathroom with rugs, valances, paint, and hardware

When you update your master bathroom, the entire master suite feels more luxurious. People often forget that small things can often make a huge impact - for the least amount of money.
- a large plush rug to replace the small rugs at each sink
- a custom window valance to add color and texture
- new hardware on the cabinets. And no, it doesn't have to match the faucets! As long as the two finishes compliment each other, they can be completely different.
- a can of paint! If you pick the right color, notice below the impact it will make

New hardware on the bathroom cabinets can make a world of difference! 

AFTER added window treatments
We updated this master bath with a plush bronze rug,
and spa colored window treatments 
Bathroom BEFORE 
Bathroom paint and a new vanity seat
A framed mirror for the bathroom is a big improvement

For great bathroom photos, from small changes to major remodeling, type "bathroom" in the search box. There are some unique ideas you won't want to miss!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

What type host and hostess dining chairs, a contrast style for a unique look.

An upholstered host and hostess chair in the dining room will help break up the monotony of the matching set, it is a great way to add color and texture though beautiful fabrics.
By recovering this dining chair in a colorful medallion print, and changing the side chairs to a bronze fabric, we made the set unique
Dining Host and Hostess chair 


Comfortable Dining chair
mahogany legs 
If you are ready for a change in your dining room, think about moving the current arm chairs to a desk, a guest room, or a corner of a bedroom. An updated host and hostess chair with an upholstered back is a great way to create a unique look.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Can I mix drapes with valances in the same room? How to combine two window treatments.

This blog features a mix of valances with drapes in the same room. Notice the various ways you can mix and match styles, all the windows do not have to be alike.

Kitchen window valance with
a different window treatment over the kitchen sink

Valance with full length drapes on this window
This allows the advantage of mixing a print with a solid
to get variety on your window treatments
If you're considering putting different style window treatments in the same room, such as valances on some windows and drapes on others, know that it can look great if done right!
A cheerful valance over the kitchen sink with
Drapes that can be opened and closed on the other kitchen windows
Three helpful tips:
  1. It can look nice to mix various patterns and textures. Above, we used 4 different fabrics. However, see number three below.

  2. Think about function to determine what style window treatment will work best. Do you need privacy? Are you trying to create the illusion of taller windows?

  3. It's important to lay out fabric in a large quantity in the room. Avoid making decisions from small swatches! Home owners often ask us to redo their home (or their window treatments) after another designer is finished. Sometimes this is due to lack of good communication, but even more so it's because the homeowner made decisions after viewing small swatches in the room. This is very misleading. It's impossible to visualize the end result unless you spread out yards of the fabrics in each area!

Do you need help with your window treatments? If you're in North Carolina, contact us for a quote today.

Friday, October 4, 2013

How to get a duvet cover or bedding that is large enough for a tall mattress?

How to find a duvet cover or bedding that is wide enough for an extra thick mattress? Well we hear that question all the time. Store bought duvet covers are normally too small on the sides, because today's mattresses are thicker than they used to be.

Here are some tips for getting a duvet cover that is large enough for today's thick mattresses.

Duvet covers come in a variety of pretty styles
Even high quality bedding is often too small for today's extra thick mattresses
OPTIONS to achieve a large duvet:
1) Get a custom made duvet cover sewn with a FLANGE around the edge. See photos.
duvet cover with contrast fabrics and contrast flange 

Here's another style duvet cover, with contrast fabrics. 
duvet cover with contrast fabrics 
Here's the advantage to adding a flange to the edge of your duvet cover - the insert won't be too small for the extra large duvet cover!
duvet cover with buttons
and contrast flange 
2) If you have a queen mattress, you can you put a king size size duvet on a queen size bed. This often works for extra thick mattresses.

3) For custom king duvet covers - you can increase the yardage to 9 yards instead of 6 yards, so it will be wide enough for an extra thick mattress.

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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What color should I paint my beach home?

To decide what color you should paint a beach home or vacation condo (we'll share tips for both the interior paint colors and the exterior paint color), check out these photos and design tips. They'll help you with coastal beach paint colors you'll love!

For exterior, here's a few good questions to ask yourself:

1) Will my roof be replaced soon, or do I have to coordinate the paint with the existing roof? If you need a new roof, that's a great place to add color to your beach home!

Beach home roof color

3) Do I prefer a subtle color, with punches of color added through chairs, benches, or other decorative items? Check out this fun stature! Who doesn't love Kermit?

This is a fun way to add color to a Beach home 
4) Can I add color with a wall hanging? This fish adds just a punch of much needed color for this Wilmington NC beach home.

Here's another way to add color to your beach home, this wall hanging is very colorful 

5) For selecting interior paint and exterior paint alike, be sure to try paint colors on a large poster board!!  The 1" sample swatches can be misleading!
paint color samples & options

6) Do I have artwork that can be used for an inspiration for the wall colors?

It should be FUN to select wall paints and exterior paints for a beach home. After all, you can use colors you'd never put in your regular home. It's a great place to go either soothing or cheerful or both, depending on your preferences. Your art can give you the inspiration for a paint color, see the photos above.
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