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Friday, August 9, 2013

What is my style? Contemporary, metropolitan, traditional, or eclectic?

Trying to figure out what style you like? It's not uncommon for people to like a variety of styles!

The trick for you (or for your interior designer) is to notice the similarities between them. For example, perhaps you've collected photos of various styles through the years, but the home decorating photos all have something in common - such as a light or bright look, with lots of white or cool color tones. Or perhaps the rooms appear at first glance to be a mix of different styles, but they all tend to be cozy dark rooms?

Contemporary style living room
The clean contemporary fireplace, the chair (right),
this is a fun mix 
Mixing styles can be fun, as long as it's a reflection of YOUR taste. After all, it's your home! 
Traditional style, with the addition of light end tables to
create a light feeling that one could not achieve
with dark walnut or mahogany end tables. 
This bedroom has a metropolitan style, it's not ultra contemporary
but it is definitely not traditional. The pillows and duvet add a
softness that makes it more metropolitan, less contemporary. 

Contemporary style due to the Lucite bar stools, yet the beam ceiling and
drum light fixture lend to
a traditional feel 

This dining room has a contemporary light fixture & contemporary art.
Notice the dining chairs are traditional, they have that Candice Olsen design look which
makes this room overall fall under the category of transitional style. 
Old World European flare, with a twist

Traditional, nail head trim, a tufted chair, with a twist
due to the contemporary piece over the fireplace 
We hope these various styles in contemporary, traditional, & metropolitan styles have inspired you! If you have a question, email us (above). Or, we'd love to hear your comments!


nancy john said...

Interior designing can be really fun especially when its your first time doing it. It can be a trial and error process at times but when you get the hang of it it will come naturally

Manipulative hallway

Caroline Carrison said...

Love the room with the gold mirror and white sofa!