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Monday, August 26, 2013

Should I replace the brass and glass shower door with a frameless style?

Remodeled bathroom with a frameless shower door 
A brass trimmed shower door can be replaced with a frameless door (which is the most expensive type by far),  is it worth the expense? When you replace a shower door it can be costly, because it often involves an entire re-do of the shower area. It can require new tile or stone for the surrounding walls, which leads to a new tile floor, etc.

Below we show some beautiful frameless style shower doors. For bathroom upgrades it's importnat to factor in the cost of the materials, don't forget to add the plumber's fees, the tile install labor, and the fee for the plumber to return again after the tile install. There will not be any written guarantees on their quote, in other words the "unforeseen circumstances" they run into may cost more than you budgeted for. I had a friend who installed stone, only to find that the foundation couldn't support the weight - well you get the picture. Quite a costly bathroom remodel! 

A shower door without a frame does not "compete" with the beauty of your
view from a shower window, or with the clean simple look you may want.
This all glass shower door is hardly noticeable! 

A much less expensive option to replacing a shower door is a custom shower curtain,
some are very attractive, they can add color or texture
which is much needed if the tile is boring.
Notice how tall this custom shower curtain is, which makes the ceiling feel taller. 

We replaced this shower door for our Greensboro NC client.
If you get a new shower door, it's important to go with a taller door!!
 To price shower doors, check "glass" and "shower doors" on the internet.
Be sure to ask about the price of the installation portion, and what additional
expenses are involved regarding the sheet rock or the tile of the surrounding the area.
To get a frameless shower door there are more expenses to consider than the door alone. 

We chose to make a custom shower curtain for this beach condo shower
It added more interest (and was MUCH less costly) than a new shower door. The homeowner loved
the personality and color that it added, since the fiberglass shower was boring.  

To decide if it's worth it to replace your shower door, ask yourself these 4 important questions: 

1) have I  priced ALL labor, materials, and the chain reaction of expenses?
2) Will this require new tile? Removal of the old shower? Will I then need to hire a plumber?
3) do the main rooms in my home (living room, kitchen, family room) need upgrades that are even more important? Let's face it - sometimes we get side tracked and we forget to look at the big picture!
4) how long will I be in this home? .....because if you are planning to sell, know that you may not make the changes the next homeowner wants. They may prefer to borrow space from an existing room and make the bathroom much larger, or they may prefer a different tile than what you like you.

Doing your homework will tell you whether it's worth it. It's much better than diving in before you've thought about the big picture (what upgrades are needed throughout the entire home). It's wise to create a priority list, so you know which things are the most important to you, after all it's your home!

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Caleb Hart said...

It would be nice if I could get some shower doors like this. My bathroom is lacking a little bit of character. My wife has been telling me for years to remodel the bathroom. Maybe it's time that I actually get started.