How to make a room feel larger and the ceilings feel taller, 4 designer tricks

To make your room feel larger or your ceilings feel taller, create an optical illusion. During installations,we always get this feedback “my ceilings look taller” and/or “my room looks bigger“. It’s very exciting how it tricks the eye, it works every time if the window treatments are done correctly. It’s hard to capture in a […]

Should I replace the brass and glass shower door with a frameless style?

Remodeled bathroom with a frameless shower door  A brass trimmed shower door can be replaced with a frameless door (which is the most expensive type by far),  is it worth the expense? When you replace a shower door it can be costly, because it often involves an entire re-do of the shower area. It can […]

How to create an outdoor living space, like a Southern Living home.

To create an inviting outdoor living space, in Southern Living Style, there are several things you can do. You can add seating, such as a nice bench or rockers, or you can add an entrance gate or a trellis. If you like Southern Living style, check out these Wilmington NC historic homes we found. They […]

How to build the best fire pit, that’s durable too! 5 design tips.

A fire pit can be made of thick steel that’s durable, one that will last for years!  All it takes is a trip to your local scrap yard, (one that sells scrap metal). We found the one below at DH Griffin for $35. The garden shop wanted $200 for a much thinner metal that would’ve […]

What is my style? Contemporary, metropolitan, traditional, or eclectic?

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Trying to figure out what style you like? It’s not uncommon for people to like a variety of styles! The trick for you (or for your interior designer) is to notice the similarities between them. For example, perhaps you’ve collected photos of various styles through the years, but the home decorating photos all have something […]