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Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to update my foyer? 6 must read interior designers tips & photos for foyers!

To update your foyer to a welcoming environment consider the paint, the seating, the art, and the lighting. These can all have a huge impact on the look of your foyer. Notice the addition of upholstered chairs flanking the console table below, and the large updated art work in fresh clean colors. 

Here are six tips Interior Designers use for updating a foyer: 

1) Think variety - notice the combination of white painted woodwork with the dark stained front door in this foyer.

Foyer seating area
This stained wood front door looks great next to the white trim
2) Create a seating area in your foyer - whether it be a bench, a settee, or a pair of chairs. It's inviting to create somewhere you can sit down to take off your shoes. See above & below.
This foyer looks inviting due to the nice blue settee , the lamp, & the cheerful colors.
3) Don't be afraid to use color! The settee above is in a bright intense blue, and the pillows and plants add a fresh green color.
This foyer could use a bench or chair underneath the art,
but the black painted handrail on the stairs looks amazing next to the white painting. 
4) Update the foyer woodwork and molding. You can do this around both the entrance door and the doors from the foyer to the living areas. See photo above.

This foyer console is a unique finish, and the arm less chairs are a nice touch. 
5) Add various wood tones, not everything has to be dark walnut or can do a light wood or a painted piece for a more casual feeling like the the console above.

This foyer has a fresh updated look due to the chandelier, the sconces,
and the black console table.

6) Update the foyer lighting. People always express that they think it's important to replace the foyer floors, or upgrade the stair railing & banisters and even the front door. Often a much less expensive upgrade is all that's needed to make a huge impact. See above - the huge impact the foyer chandelier and sconces made.

Once you update your foyer, your entire house will have a different feeling. Have fun with it! Think unique, and remember that you can always start with the less expensive upgrades first - you may just achieve the look you want for a lot less time and money. We'd love to hear from you if you have some areas of interest! 
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