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Friday, July 26, 2013

How to find a good interior designer, 5 must read tips of what a good designer will do for you.

Finding a good interior designer is like finding a good hairdresser, or a good doctor. They'll want to make the process run smoothly, and they'll try to help you keep expenses down so you can spread the budget out. There are designers who don't have enough experience, or let's be honest, they just don't have "a gift" for color, scale, communication, and budgeting. If they've been assisting with new construction & decorating help for 15 to 20 years they've gained some wisdom they can pass along, and if they have excellent references, (lots of them), they can help the process run smoothly and help you avoid costly mistakes.

Your home can and should be the home of your dreams!! To work with an interior designer, help the process run smoothly, and to keep the design costs reasonable, here are 5 things tell tale signs you've have found a good designer:

1) They encourage you to provide specific feedback. For example: they bring you amazing options, which look great in the room, they want you to be very specific - for example "I love it but my husband will say it's too contemporary" or "I like this one best, the other is too similiar to what I had in my last house".
A good designer will ask the right questions: For some examples: Do you prefer symmetrical?
Do you prefer subtle or bold colors? Do you need storage? 

A good interior designer knows how to work on a budget, see above 

A good designer can think of unique solutions to problem areas 

2) A good designer will want to hear details about what you own. For example: "we need to use that piece somewhere, it's a family heirloom" or "I realize that piece isn't right, but for budget reasons, I'd like to wait to upgrade it".

3) A good designer will need to meet with both you and your spouse. Often people say "My husband doesn't need to be home for the appointment, he doesn't really care what we do". So, the designer loads and transports beautiful & functional options to your home, place them, discuss details, & prices, you say you want to proceed, but your husband is not "on board" because he wasn't present to understand the vision! Then -  you have to do it all over again!

A good designer will ask how durable your fabrics should be,
and if you need your drapes to function for privacy, or just for looks! 
4) A good designer will try their best to help you think logically (Not emotionally) when it comes to the order in which things should be replaced. For example, a client might be dead set on replacing all the floors, when in reality you just need the right paint tones to make the floor color more appealing. A good designer will show you how to make the MOST IMPACT for the lowest amount of money.
5) A good designer will want you to be happy with your home!  -  the artistic side of them loves it when the room turns out amazing as well as functional. A good designer will not impose their own taste, they'll get inside your head and learn your taste.

It's true, they are few and far between, but a good designer can actually save you time and money, and these 5 tips can help you find a good one! Happy decorating! We'd love to hear from you, if you have a question, send us an email, or type a search word in the search box above (top left corner), for example:
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Sheamus Warior said...

When I searched the blogs suddenly I saw this one and when I read it, amazing stuff out there that compelled me to comment.

Ryan Gibbs said...

Good tips! This post is really very helpful for homeowners who are looking for an expert interior decorator for their home, but confused on which one to select. In my opinion, asking for a portfolio of work before hiring is a good way to pick the right one.

Carol said...

Thanks for the tips regarding Interior Decoration. I will surely keep them in mind..I'm impressed the way you have defined every aspect..
Thanks again

Meena Kumar said...

Lovely post for sure.

Kent Clark said...
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Kent Clark said...

I'm really happy that you said that a good designer will help me think logically and not emotionally. I don't want to spend a ton of money if I am doing just a simple remodeling job. That would just make me feel awful. I would much rather do more sensible projects that are also affordable.

Mohamed Omer said...

Great and impressive article!!

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Kavi Priya said...

Wonderful post. This is very useful tips. Thanks for sharing.

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