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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Increase rental income on a beach condo, 4 tips to get more rentals than the competition!

To make your beach condo more desireable than the competition, decorate it in a way that people can't wait to book it, and return to the same rental again and again! These interior designer beach homes remind us that it's supposed to be about fun and a pleasing environment!  (as well as function of course).

Some good questions to ask yourself - Will you need to sleep a lot of people?  Does it feel like a soothing oasis where you can escape? Read these tips, and feel free to email us with your ideas as well!

A beach home or vacation home looks great with art that sets a MOOD,
serenity and soothing, fun and cheerful, just be careful not to go crazy with a strong "theme"
You can use hotel hangers for your art (which protect against theft) if you're concerned about that sort of thing

Think about using every nook and cranny for sleeping
people, this can help you get more renters for your beach rental property

It's helpful if Beach condos have drapes that can be closed
when you're not there, to block the harsh sun to avoid fading

Use light & fresh colors that make you feel like you're at the BEACH!
Your rug must be made of durable materials, and
Fabrics that are sunbrella or micro fiber will be durable for a beach home
which, after all, will get some hard use!

Don't forget the balcony or patio of your beach home. It can feel like
"an extension of your living room" if the colors coordinate. 

Be daring with color! Your beach condo or home can be bright and cheerful.
It should be a fun place to decorate in ways that
you are not able to in your existing home.
Limit your colors, tone on tone can feel fresh and clean.

Do you have success renting a beach condo? We'd love to hear your comments! 

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