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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

How do I pick a yellow wall paint? 4 must read Interior designer tips for decorating with yellow.

Are you ready to choose a yellow wall paint? Interior designer yellow rooms often look amazing, but you'll hear people say that choosing the right yellow is tricky, if you're not careful the walls can turn out too "child like" as if you're painting a 5 year old's room, or in some cases too intense, where you feel they're just too bright.

Here are 4 tips for selecting the right yellow:

1) People tell us they love rooms in which the yellow tones are soft and subtle. Cheerful or bright yellow should be in small doses, such as pillows or chairs or art. With that said -----

Keep in mind that a paint chip is only 1", so when you multiply it by thousands, 
it will seem a lot more INTENSE once it's on the walls!! 

Yellow walls look great next to dark walnut and  mahogany

This yellow fabric proves that a little yellow goes a long way!

3) Remember that a little yellow goes a long way!

4) Select FABRIC FIRST, then your wall paint, it will guide you to the right tone. You might just get the degree of cheerful yellow you want from a few accessories or fabrics.
Use yellow in a totally unexpected place, like on these seats 

Yellow looks amazing with gray 

Butter Yellow is beautiful with caramel & brown

The use of yellow accentuates the great lines of this sofa.

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