How to find a good interior designer, 5 must read tips of what a good designer will do for you.

Finding a good interior designer is like finding a good hairdresser, or a good doctor. They’ll want to make the process run smoothly, and they’ll try to help you keep expenses down so you can spread the budget out. There are designers who don’t have enough experience, or let’s be honest, they just don’t have […]

How to update my foyer? 6 must read interior designers tips & photos for foyers!

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To update your foyer to a welcoming environment consider the paint, the seating, the art, and the lighting. These can all have a huge impact on the look of your foyer. Notice the addition of upholstered chairs flanking the console table below, and the large updated art work in fresh clean colors.  Here are six […]

How do I pick a yellow wall paint? 4 must read Interior designer tips for decorating with yellow.

Are you ready to choose a yellow wall paint? Interior designer yellow rooms often look amazing, but you’ll hear people say that choosing the right yellow is tricky, if you’re not careful the walls can turn out too “child like” as if you’re painting a 5 year old’s room, or in some cases too intense, […]

Increase rental income on a beach condo, 4 tips to get more rentals than the competition!

To make your beach condo more desireable than the competition, decorate it in a way that people can’t wait to book it, and return to the same rental again and again! These interior designer beach homes remind us that it’s supposed to be about fun and a pleasing environment!  (as well as function of course). […]