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Friday, June 7, 2013

What type window treatments are best for two story windows or oversized windows?

People often think the only option for two story windows is 2" wood blinds - not so!! You have lots of options, from drapes to sheers (see photos) to valances. All of which make the windows feel "finished" and make the room feel cozy. 

Clients comment that their windows feel harsh or unfinished until they get the right window treatments. Presumably you have 4 goals for your window treatment - 
1) To filter light, or block it completely with a thick fabric 
2) To have better sound absorbtion 
3) To soften the look, so the room doesn't feel stark and unfinished. 
4) To add texture, color, or more interest. 

ABOVE  Sheer two story window treatments allow
privacy and filter light, you can remove it from the hold back hardware

Valances help fill the gap in this
two story room - see BEFORE below!

BEFORE (In Progress)
After hanging one of two valances - notice how this softens the two story room
& makes the gap between windows look better

When two story window treatments are clean and simple they will not overpower the room.
We put caramel chenille on the bottom 36" of this Greensboro, NC window treatment,
with a pretty cording between the ivory and caramel fabrics 

This Greensboro client requested that we make her contemporary windows
feel softer, she loved the end result! See before below:

We spread the fabrics out by the bolt so they could find the right fabric that looked best in their room 

The best window treatment for a two story room will solve all your needs. Computer renderings can be done (or sketches) to help you visualize. Magazine photos can also help you visualize the potential and the end result. Over sized windows may seem like a huge problem, but with the right fabric and window treatment you'll find the best of both worlds, (an open view as well as privacy options). 

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