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Friday, June 21, 2013

The most popular paint colors interior designer use - bye bye builder taupe!!

To find a popular paint color that designers use, see the photos below. We like to make sure it's a color that you won't tire of - save trendy colors for pillows and accents. Through the past 10 years, we've noticed there are 4 colors that people request. However, the setting of the room - west? east? north? these things will affect the color, so be sure to consult with a designer, as we often tweak the formula or strength to insure your house FLOWS from room to room!!

Most important - Never ever pick the color from under the fluorescent lights at the paint store, carry it outside, then try it in your home.

1) Popular color number one: I call it "ocean" it's like a spa color - blueish green......the soothing tone. It is such an easy background color, it goes with so many art & rug options. It's sort of a "non color", more earthy. Avoid the bright tones, stay with the warm tones unless it's a sun room.

spa color wall paint 
2) Popular color number two: Caramel - people are leery of it at first, but they tell us years later that they still love it. It looks great with the ivory silk drapes below.

caramel rug and wall paint 
3) Color number three: taupe with a slight green cast - it's so much easier to work with than taupe that has a "flesh or pink tone". For example SW 7038 Tony Taupe you'll notice has a green cast, while SW #6038 Truly Taupe has a pinkish cast. When you look at them alone, you probably won't notice it, but
when you look at them side by side, you'll see the difference.

If you do have taupe wall paint, you'll want to add color through art and accessories.

4) Popular color number four: Camel - this one's great for large areas such as a foyer and through the hallways, it safely blends with whatever color you choose for adjacent rooms.

camel wall paint is safe in large areas,
especially areas that do not have a stopping point!!
Sherwin Williams Camelback or
 Benjamin Moore has several
To select wall paint, be sure to check it in the evening as well as day time.
Also, it's smart to paint a large poster board.

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