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Friday, June 28, 2013

How to maximize kitchen storage - 8 amazing solutions for cabinets and pantries to reduce clutter!

To maximize kitchen storage, these 8 solutions are the bomb! Some are extreme, converting to pantries, some are minor and can be done in a weekend project. Whatever the case, it will make your kitchen a fun place to cook once you can find everything

1) Add pull out drawers, so you can easily get to the items in the very back of the cabinet.
Reduce kitchen clutter & make everything easy to reach!
You can even put wooden cross bars to create sections. 
2) If you have a 22" wide space available, you could add a slide out pantry (see photo below)

best pantry style for maximum storage in a limited space

3) Get the most out of the area below windows, add a window seat with storage underneath

storage solution for kitchen area 
4) Convert the coat closet into a pantry
Perhaps you can store your coats in the bedroom? Or add a closet in the garage or a back entryway? The pocket doors allow people to walk by (without doors in the way). Desperate times call for being innovative!

most popular pantry style in this photo 

5) Donate rarely used items - or move them to the attic
That meat slicer or power juicer you've only used once - it's taking up a lot of space!!

6 Add shelves under the island (see photo below).
This is possible if you're willing to move the bar stools to a pub table in an adjacent area, or if you rarely use them, donate them to a local charity.

7) Add a pot rack or hooks, get those pots and pans hanging and you'll have lots of additional drawer space! Today's pots and pans come in a variety of cheerful colors.

kitchen storage under the island (add shelves)

8) Convert that messy desk area to cabinets - if you're concerned about the finish not matching just create a contrast finish. The photo below shows how a contrast finish can look intentional if you vary the height.
The new cabinets do not have to match!
Just add a contrast finish, blue? black? wood tone? The sky is the limit!
To reduce clutter and make the most of kitchen storage, we hope these ideas inspire you. Do you have a solution? We'd love to hear from you! Type "kitchen" in the SEARCH box at the top to see lots more remodeling or before & after photos of kitchens.

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Justin Bielamowicz said...

Love the slide out pantry... I didn't even know that only required a small amount of space! Love hanging pots and pans. That will give us lots of room!