How to maximize kitchen storage – 8 amazing solutions for cabinets and pantries to reduce clutter!

To maximize kitchen storage, these 8 solutions are the bomb! Some are extreme, converting to pantries, some are minor and can be done in a weekend project. Whatever the case, it will make your kitchen a fun place to cook once you can find everything 1) Add pull out drawers, so you can easily get […]

The most popular paint colors interior designer use – bye bye builder taupe!!

To find a popular paint color that designers use, see the photos below. We like to make sure it’s a color that you won’t tire of – save trendy colors for pillows and accents. Through the past 10 years, we’ve noticed there are 4 colors that people request. However, the setting of the room – […]

How to accessorize over a hutch, mantle, or bookshelves, 5 must read tips for what to put over your mantle.

To accessorize over a mantle, think “less is more”If it has too many items it will feel like clutter.  To accessorize over the mantle or hutch, make sure the accessories….. are large enough for the area (most important, especially if you have tall ceilings) are unique – after all, it’s the focal point! Do they […]

What type window treatments are best for two story windows or oversized windows?

People often think the only option for two story windows is 2″ wood blinds – not so!! You have lots of options, from drapes to sheers (see photos) to valances. All of which make the windows feel “finished” and make the room feel cozy.  Clients comment that their windows feel harsh or unfinished until they […]