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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Friday, June 28, 2013

How to maximize kitchen storage - 8 amazing solutions for cabinets and pantries to reduce clutter!

To maximize kitchen storage, these 8 solutions are the bomb! Some are extreme, converting to pantries, some are minor and can be done in a weekend project. Whatever the case, it will make your kitchen a fun place to cook once you can find everything

1) Add pull out drawers, so you can easily get to the items in the very back of the cabinet.
Reduce kitchen clutter & make everything easy to reach!
You can even put wooden cross bars to create sections. 
2) If you have a 22" wide space available, you could add a slide out pantry (see photo below)

best pantry style for maximum storage in a limited space

3) Get the most out of the area below windows, add a window seat with storage underneath

storage solution for kitchen area 
4) Convert the coat closet into a pantry
Perhaps you can store your coats in the bedroom? Or add a closet in the garage or a back entryway? The pocket doors allow people to walk by (without doors in the way). Desperate times call for being innovative!

most popular pantry style in this photo 

5) Donate rarely used items - or move them to the attic
That meat slicer or power juicer you've only used once - it's taking up a lot of space!!

6 Add shelves under the island (see photo below).
This is possible if you're willing to move the bar stools to a pub table in an adjacent area, or if you rarely use them, donate them to a local charity.

7) Add a pot rack or hooks, get those pots and pans hanging and you'll have lots of additional drawer space! Today's pots and pans come in a variety of cheerful colors.

kitchen storage under the island (add shelves)

8) Convert that messy desk area to cabinets - if you're concerned about the finish not matching just create a contrast finish. The photo below shows how a contrast finish can look intentional if you vary the height.
The new cabinets do not have to match!
Just add a contrast finish, blue? black? wood tone? The sky is the limit!
To reduce clutter and make the most of kitchen storage, we hope these ideas inspire you. Do you have a solution? We'd love to hear from you! Type "kitchen" in the SEARCH box at the top to see lots more remodeling or before & after photos of kitchens.

Friday, June 21, 2013

The most popular paint colors interior designer use - bye bye builder taupe!!

To find a popular paint color that designers use, see the photos below. We like to make sure it's a color that you won't tire of - save trendy colors for pillows and accents. Through the past 10 years, we've noticed there are 4 colors that people request. However, the setting of the room - west? east? north? these things will affect the color, so be sure to consult with a designer, as we often tweak the formula or strength to insure your house FLOWS from room to room!!

Most important - Never ever pick the color from under the fluorescent lights at the paint store, carry it outside, then try it in your home.

1) Popular color number one: I call it "ocean" it's like a spa color - blueish green......the soothing tone. It is such an easy background color, it goes with so many art & rug options. It's sort of a "non color", more earthy. Avoid the bright tones, stay with the warm tones unless it's a sun room.

spa color wall paint 
2) Popular color number two: Caramel - people are leery of it at first, but they tell us years later that they still love it. It looks great with the ivory silk drapes below.

caramel rug and wall paint 
3) Color number three: taupe with a slight green cast - it's so much easier to work with than taupe that has a "flesh or pink tone". For example SW 7038 Tony Taupe you'll notice has a green cast, while SW #6038 Truly Taupe has a pinkish cast. When you look at them alone, you probably won't notice it, but
when you look at them side by side, you'll see the difference.

If you do have taupe wall paint, you'll want to add color through art and accessories.

4) Popular color number four: Camel - this one's great for large areas such as a foyer and through the hallways, it safely blends with whatever color you choose for adjacent rooms.

camel wall paint is safe in large areas,
especially areas that do not have a stopping point!!
Sherwin Williams Camelback or
 Benjamin Moore has several
To select wall paint, be sure to check it in the evening as well as day time.
Also, it's smart to paint a large poster board.

For many more photos and color tips such as - Should I paint an accent wall? Front door color ideas? What color should I paint my beach home? click on this link:

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How to accessorize over a hutch, mantle, or bookshelves, 5 must read tips for what to put over your mantle.

To accessorize over a mantle, think "less is more"
If it has too many items it will feel like clutter. 
To accessorize over the mantle or hutch, make sure the accessories.....

  1. are large enough for the area (most important, especially if you have tall ceilings)
  2. are unique - after all, it's the focal point! Do they drag your house down or take it up a notch? 
  3. vary in texture and sheen, height and scale
  4. if it's a mirror, make sure the reflection is a nice view - not of an ugly ceiling fan that you dislike!
  5. can change with the seasons 
Notice the mirror reflection is of the beautiful coffered ceiling.
Accessories over this mantle can be changed with the season
For this Greensboro, NC client we added live branches and shimmery Christmas ornaments 

In Progress
Find accessories which are large enough !!
Above bookcase -  anything smaller than the 28" pottery would seem too small.
A large antique trunk would be a nice addition beside the plant   

Pottery, wood, & books, think variety when adding accessories
the same would apply to bookshelves

This hutch felt too short for the tall ceilings, the 32" tall accessories
solved it. They draw the eye up so you appreciate
the beautiful molding on the ceiling.

Friday, June 7, 2013

What type window treatments are best for two story windows or oversized windows?

People often think the only option for two story windows is 2" wood blinds - not so!! You have lots of options, from drapes to sheers (see photos) to valances. All of which make the windows feel "finished" and make the room feel cozy. 

Clients comment that their windows feel harsh or unfinished until they get the right window treatments. Presumably you have 4 goals for your window treatment - 
1) To filter light, or block it completely with a thick fabric 
2) To have better sound absorbtion 
3) To soften the look, so the room doesn't feel stark and unfinished. 
4) To add texture, color, or more interest. 

ABOVE  Sheer two story window treatments allow
privacy and filter light, you can remove it from the hold back hardware

Valances help fill the gap in this
two story room - see BEFORE below!

BEFORE (In Progress)
After hanging one of two valances - notice how this softens the two story room
& makes the gap between windows look better

When two story window treatments are clean and simple they will not overpower the room.
We put caramel chenille on the bottom 36" of this Greensboro, NC window treatment,
with a pretty cording between the ivory and caramel fabrics 

This Greensboro client requested that we make her contemporary windows
feel softer, she loved the end result! See before below:

We spread the fabrics out by the bolt so they could find the right fabric that looked best in their room 

The best window treatment for a two story room will solve all your needs. Computer renderings can be done (or sketches) to help you visualize. Magazine photos can also help you visualize the potential and the end result. Over sized windows may seem like a huge problem, but with the right fabric and window treatment you'll find the best of both worlds, (an open view as well as privacy options).