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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

What fabrics & rugs are durable for a pet? 7 must read tips to make your room pet friendly

Inspiration fabric for the room
The main fabrics for the sofa & chairs need to be durable! 
Find the inspiration fabric (example - above photo) to start your room, use it on pillows or valances. 
Next, find a durable (scrub-able) solid for the main sofa and chairs. This fabric shouldn't make a statement, it will preferably be a plain solid, just one that's durable for your pet!  Microfiber is the most durable, but it's not a nice enough look for some people. Real ultra suede is actually washable, but it's expensive. Blends with a lot of polyester are good. A fabric with a high rayon count is not good. Here's more.....

AFTER (above) 

BEFORE Leather or fabric for pets? 

1) For the sofa - chose a fabric that you can scrub - a durable chenille that doesn't have too much rayon in it. Work with a knowledgeable salesperson. The furniture store designer almost steered this family in the wrong direction. Not every salesperson is trained. Order a sample swatch & try a scrub test for yourself. Better yet - check the rating level on the Internet.

2) Select a fabric that has similar colors to your dog or cat's hair (for obvious reasons)

3) Save the non-durable gorgeous fabrics for pillows & window valances! Yes, your room can still be attractive!

4) Cats likes to claw, NO fabric can withstand that! This homeowner said she trained her cat to stop clawing right after recovering her chairs (see amazing before & after of chair recovered below). She did it with a quick squirt of water each time the cat tried. She also added one of those things that cats can scratch, he learned to switch to it within days.

5) Last but not least - since no fabric is full proof, it's important to purchase an extra yard of fabric (or two) to recover just one cushion or arm if need be. Do it at the time of sale, because die lots change & fabrics get discontinued!!

6) Know that leather is not always durable for pets, test it with your fingernail - some leathers easily scratch. Remember, you can't recover a small section unless you purchase an ENTIRE HYDE, even then the dye lot probably won't match, for that reason, fabrics are often more logical than leather (when you have cats, dogs, or other pets). 

7) As for the rug, one that's labeled outdoor can often be rinsed off. This photo is actually an outdoor fabric - yet looks very appropriate for indoors. 

This rug is labeled "outdoor". It has a sisal look that makes it a great option for indoors.  Some labels say they are so durable they can be rinsed off. What could be better for pet durability? 

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Sarah Kerr said...

My pets will love you for this. I didn't know that most of my fabrics weren't durable enough.