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Thursday, May 9, 2013

How to upgrade a boring bedroom on a budget! 6 must read photos and tips!

Is your bedroom bland and boring? Ready for a quick makeover or a total room transformation but don't want to replace the furniture?  Here's your inspiration to create the WOW factor without breaking the bank. 

1) know that new furniture is rarely the solution, if anything, that will make the least amount of impact.  1) Paint an accent wall or add a gorgeous throw at the foot of the bed

This bedroom is dramatic due to the amazing wall color
(also see our blog on "should I paint an accent wall?")

2) Add stunning custom drapes! 

master bedroom update through window treatments,
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When drapes are custom, they can be hung very tall,
which makes the ceilings feel taller & the room feel larger. 
If you can add custom drapes your bedroom will instantly look MUCH more sophisticated. They should be hung above the window to create the illusion of height. Notice that it's not necessary to add panels on both sides in some instances. This window treatment brought in a new soothing "spa like" color, which is repeated in the throw pillow.

3) change your headboard. Notice the one word, headboard, not entire set. know that new furniture is rarely the solution, if anything, that will make the least amount of impact. 

A Fabulous fabric made this master bedroom more cheerful
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Nothing creates a makeover more effective than adding bold colors! 
4) Another inexpensive way to update a bedroom is with an amazing fabric 
wrapped on a board, this can be hung on the wall in place of a headboard. 

5)  If an area rug is in the budget, this can make quite an impact. Notice this homeowner didn't change the wall paint, a throw pillow or throw can "pull it together" 
Our complete "Spa" bedroom update of this Greensboro, NC home
We did a little at a time, through mercury glass lamps, a custom headboard, bed shams,
a bench at the foot of the bed, then linen drapes and finally, roman shades over the windows!
6) Do a little at a time! It's not necessary to do everything at once as long as you have a plan, creating a color scheme, deciding on fabric choices and an overall plan will help you avoid impulse purchases.
Notice the furniture is still traditional, but the amazing fabric on the headboard gave the room a big update.
This bedroom was also updated with new lamps, that can make a huge impact

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