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Saturday, May 4, 2013

How to make a fun, hip play room for children & teenagers, 9 tips just in time summer.

Need a playroom for your preteen and teenage children? Here's some fun tips 
Pool tables are fun, if not in the budget a ping pong table is great! 

Pub tables with swivel bar stools are a nice addition.

A dart board is a cheap & fun activity for teenagers.
To protect walls, surround it with wood or cork. 

A cabinet for pool cue sticks keeps the expensive ones safe,
if children are young and need adult supervision. 

Under cabinet lighting creates an amazing look at the mini bar. 

Wii Games like bowling, tennis, soccer, baseball, snowboarding keep teenagers
busy on rainy days. This room has virtual golf 

To blow off energy, my teen loves jumping on the treadmill,
this is another great way to keep teenagers busy on a rainy day. 
A memorabilia wall with photos of family vacations, favorite sporting
events, fishing or boating, - these are all great conversation starters.
This is especially good in a basement (with very little windows
you'll have lots of wall space to cover) 

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