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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to layout a living room for optimum TV viewing, 6 must read tips!

Do you wish you could seat more people in your great room or living room? When considering the layout for your living room furniture, let's face it, we have to consider the TV! In some situations, you can layout the furniture in the best possible way and still have optimum TV viewing. At other times, you need to compromise looks for function! Below we'll provide 6 tips to help you achieve optimum seating.

layout living room for best TV viewing 

1)  A maximum of 10' between each seat!
It's best if there is no more that 8 to 10 feet between each seat. This allows the best "cozy conversation areas". As for the TV, it should be no more than 15 to 18 feet away if possible. This often means pulling furniture out from the wall. If you feel it doesn't look right, know that a rug will often "ground it" (the section of furniture you've pulled out from the wall).

2) Add room darkening drapes.
This will allow you to watch TV on a lazy Sunday afternoon, with no GLARE!! If possible, make sure to put window treatments that open and close WITHOUT BLOCKING YOUR VIEW - when you can see out the window you won't get that closed in feeling! See photo

3) Consider a sectional!
A sectional seats lots of people for optimum TV viewing. The one shown in the photo below could have  overpowered the room if the fabric selection was wrong. We made the sectional feel less "intrusive"  by going with a neutral fabric that did not demand attention and by having a variety of sizes & textures on pillows. The customer had it on order in a NON durable fabric the day they hired us, fortunately they were able to change the order at the furniture store once we told them that their blend of rayon and cotton would not be durable!
Lots of seating for optimum TV viewing, window treatments to solve the glare on the TV  

4) Place your TV above a console.
Yes, even if it's mounted on the wall, it's best to have furniture underneath it. It will help "Ground" that big black TV. Whether it be a console table or dark fireplace tile, etc., since the TV is dark, it's less intrusive if you ground it with dark items.

At first the Client felt that the tile needed to be changed. In hind sight, she actually grew to love the tile once the fabrics and art brought all the colors "together".

Surround that is under the flat screen TV

The Fabrics we chose for the above room - they're durable so the whole family can enjoy TV viewing 

4) Consider swivel chairs!
If the chairs swivel, it's easy to watch TV. Today's swivel chairs are better looking than in the past! 

5) Consider the distance of the TV, 
You won't want to be too close or too far away. If your room is large, you may need to "float" your furniture (pull it out from the wall).  A sofa table can make the back of the sofa look better AND it gives you a surface for a lamp. If it's new construction, you could request a floor outlet from your builder. 

6) Check size and scale!!!
Make sure the furniture is not too big before you order! To layout your living room or den, use masking tape or newspaper on the floor, this will help you avoid mistakes by buying pieces that are too big. Also, compare the width, depth and height of a chair or sofa you already own. This will help you visualize & compare. We can't tell you how many times people are sick because they order furniture that's too large for their room, 
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1 comment:

Madeline Gabriel said...

These are good tips for us because we are planning on using our front room as a living room/TV room and the back "den" as the more adult room so the front room has to be comfortable and functional without looking like a frat house when you first walk in (teenage boys in the family. The fabrics are lovely - I like that kind of texture and there was a nice variety within that color family.