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Friday, April 19, 2013

Is it tacky to display large size family photos on the wall? Here are 6 suggestions.

Some designers say you shouldn't display family photos in the main living room because it forces your guests to stare at them. Other designers say it's your home, display as many as you want, as large as you want. Here are some tips for making the most of your family photos.

1) If the frames are complimentary, it's much easier to make it look cohesive!

2) Think about optional rooms for Family photos, perhaps the home office, stairway, hallway or den?

3)  Wall shelves can be a nice way to display family photos, don't forget to have proper lighting.

4) If you have far too many family photos to display, remember that a nice photo album (with your favorite photos) can always be on display on the cocktail table!! This can be fun for friends and family to flip through.

 5) Notice how "balanced" this display is due to the shapes & the fact that they're all black & white 

6) It's fun to view family photos that are artistic in nature (example children having fun doing an activity, a young child enjoying a puppy, etc).  They do not have to be head shots!   
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Have fun with family photos! You can always display them in areas where friends and family can enjoy them if they choose to  - hallways, a nook beside the kitchen, stairway landings, etc. (instead of on a main focal wall where guests will have to look at them for long periods, such as while seating in your dining room or on the sofa. 

Family photo display is definitely personal opinion. Our mothers & grandmothers embraced them whether we wanted them to our not! They often hung 16" x 18" 
close ups photos that looked like school portraits.  Some were embarrassing to say the least!