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Friday, April 26, 2013

How to keep a duvet cover from moving, 5 tips that actually work!

Are you tired of trying to fluff your feather and down duvet so it doesn't get clumped inside one section of the duvet cover? Well here's 4 tried and true options to end the headache!

Option 1- you can sew tufting like these photos

This solves the issue of the down insert moving inside the duvet cover

Option 2 - You can sew snaps inside (to connect the duvet cover and the duvet itself)

Sew the Male snaps on the covers and the female snaps on the duvet. Snap everything into place with the cover inside out

Option 3 - Get clamps for each corner -  I haven't tried them, so I can't comment on how well these work.

Option 4 - Place the duvet UNDERNEATH the duvet cover (instead of inside it)
This is the option I personally chose! Here's why: 

a) it's not as warm to sleep under &
b) it weighs less when you make the bed!
c) it looks fluffy and welcoming just like when you stuff the duvet inside - but you still get the benefit of a & b. In other words, you can accomplish today's look with a duvet, yet you have the same convenience as the old fashioned bedspreads!

Tip # 5 As for how to keep all the down itself from moving into one section --- the baffled type (shown below) will solve that problem for you.....they even come in "his" and "her" warmth, for those couples who have one spouse who is cold blooded and another who is always hot!
Duvet cover in which the down does not get clumped in corners

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