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Friday, April 26, 2013

How to keep a duvet cover from moving, 5 tips that actually work!

Are you tired of trying to fluff your feather and down duvet so it doesn't get clumped inside one section of the duvet cover? Well here's 4 tried and true options to end the headache!

Option 1- you can sew tufting like these photos

This solves the issue of the down insert moving inside the duvet cover

Option 2 - You can sew snaps inside (to connect the duvet cover and the duvet itself)

Sew the Male snaps on the covers and the female snaps on the duvet. Snap everything into place with the cover inside out

Option 3 - Get clamps for each corner -  I haven't tried them, so I can't comment on how well these work.

Option 4 - Place the duvet UNDERNEATH the duvet cover (instead of inside it)
This is the option I personally chose! Here's why: 

a) it's not as warm to sleep under &
b) it weighs less when you make the bed!
c) it looks fluffy and welcoming just like when you stuff the duvet inside - but you still get the benefit of a & b. In other words, you can accomplish today's look with a duvet, yet you have the same convenience as the old fashioned bedspreads!

Tip # 5 As for how to keep all the down itself from moving into one section --- the baffled type (shown below) will solve that problem for you.....they even come in "his" and "her" warmth, for those couples who have one spouse who is cold blooded and another who is always hot!
Duvet cover in which the down does not get clumped in corners

Friday, April 19, 2013

Is it tacky to display large size family photos on the wall? Here are 6 suggestions.

Some designers say you shouldn't display family photos in the main living room because it forces your guests to stare at them. Other designers say it's your home, display as many as you want, as large as you want. Here are some tips for making the most of your family photos.

1) If the frames are complimentary, it's much easier to make it look cohesive!

2) Think about optional rooms for Family photos, perhaps the home office, stairway, hallway or den?

3)  Wall shelves can be a nice way to display family photos, don't forget to have proper lighting.

4) If you have far too many family photos to display, remember that a nice photo album (with your favorite photos) can always be on display on the cocktail table!! This can be fun for friends and family to flip through.

 5) Notice how "balanced" this display is due to the shapes & the fact that they're all black & white 

6) It's fun to view family photos that are artistic in nature (example children having fun doing an activity, a young child enjoying a puppy, etc).  They do not have to be head shots!   
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Have fun with family photos! You can always display them in areas where friends and family can enjoy them if they choose to  - hallways, a nook beside the kitchen, stairway landings, etc. (instead of on a main focal wall where guests will have to look at them for long periods, such as while seating in your dining room or on the sofa. 

Family photo display is definitely personal opinion. Our mothers & grandmothers embraced them whether we wanted them to our not! They often hung 16" x 18" 
close ups photos that looked like school portraits.  Some were embarrassing to say the least!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

What type hardware for my cabinets? Knobs or handles, and what size?

If you are shopping for hardware for cabinets, here are answers to some commonly asked questions.

This kitchen has hinges that show (instead of hidden hinges)
This creates a sort of "old fashioned" style 
Hardware is a great place to make your cabinets feel more unique. It's fun to mix and match knobs with handles to create variety and interest. Here are some photos for inspiration.

To assist the general contractor to know which pieces to attach
in various rooms, we color coded the hardware selections as above. 
The number one question we get is this - Can I mix finishes on hardware?

For example, chrome with brass or bronze. As a rule of thumb, if it is appealing to the eye - yes!

Example, brushed stainless is fine with some bronze door knobs or light fixtures. Especially if you have a stainless faucet or stainless appliances.

We chose this brushed stainless hardware for the master bath, even though the light fixtures and door knobs were bronze. The tile had taupe and gray tones, so this was a nice compliment to the overall cool

Another question we often hear is "does the hardware on all the upper cabinets need to match"? The below photos shows that you can mix and match as much as you want, as long as it's appealing to the eye, there are no rules. 

In this Greensboro kitchen, notice the variety in the way we
added hardware. We turned the handles sideways on the lower drawers
which is more interesting than knobs.
We chose hidden hinges for these cabinets

If you are wondering how to upgrade or replace hardware that is a unique size (when it's impossible to find hardware that matches up to the same holes as your old hardware).....below are examples of handles with back plates. This often "hides" the problem. 

It's all based on looks, there is no definite rule of thumb.
It makes it more interesting if you mix and match the sizes and shapes.

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Which white fabrics are durable for a sofa and chairs? 5 designer tips and room photos for decorating in white.

To use white fabrics on sofas and chairs, you'll want to make sure the fabrics are durable. Here are 5 tips for decorating a room in white:

1) Outdoor fabrics are very durable, even in white fabrics.
A sisal rug allows is a nice rich texture to accentuate the white fabrics. 

2) If you put white on bedding, it is sometimes machine washable.
Tone on tone fabrics are soothing. Gray and white make a great combination. 

3) You could put two fabrics, durable on the front, with white on the back. Notice the contrast fabric on the back of the chairs. The rich dark walnut coffee table is a nice contrast with all the white in this room. 

3) Bright white trim will help give you more of that "clean white feeling" you might be trying to achieve. The clean white trim & fabrics don't compete with  the textures & colors in the stone

4) Off white & ivory are a nice alternative to white. The rich camel walls accentuate  the beauty of the white window treatments and furniture.

5) Ultra suede is actually washable. And Microfiber is also a durable fabric if you want to use white.

White rooms have always been popular because they are soothing, and they feel clean, fresh, and clutter free. White fabrics should be chosen with special attention to durability, the tips above are a great place to start.