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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Top 10 outdoor living spaces, interior designer tips & photos.

An outdoor living space or back porch can allow you to have another "room", it will feel like an addition to your home and make guests feel welcome.

1) First and foremost - create mood lighting. Add dimmers to outdoor lights. Add candle sconces (with wind screens), wrap railing with rope lighting, anything you can think of to scatter lights, dim soft lighting creates a mood that is soothing.

A back porch is a great place to put a glider, a rocker, or a swing!
They remind us of our childhood and favorite days of summer.

2)  Think "mix and match", the furniture can be from different sources! Mix wicker, wood, metal, etc. 

3) Create several seating areas. Smaller cozy groupings allow easier conversation.
If only we all had this magnificent view!

4) Porches and patios that are next to each other give guest a chance to move around and mingle. 

5) Cheerful colors. outdoor rugs, and outdoor fabrics make it more fun. 

6) Outdoor drapes make the porch usable for longer seasons, even if it's hot or the wind is chilly.
7) Are your chairs comfy? Add better cushions, pillows, plants to make your porch more welcoming. 

9) If you don't have a porch, perhaps you can dine under a shade tree? It's amazing what a table cloth and cloth napkins can do to make guests feel welcome. 

10) A porch that's close to the kitchen, the sink, & the stove is handy. It makes serving guests easier. If you're adding on a  back porch to your home, think about the access through doors. If there's not a door already,
 is it possible to turn a double window into french doors? 
An outdoor living space can make your home feel larger when entertaining guests. These beautiful back porch designer photos show how comfortable and welcoming the porch can feel, as if it's an addition to your home.

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