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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Buyer beware! Read these 6 tips before purchasing sofas and chairs!

Before purchasing a sofa and chairs, consider these questions - what fabric is best for a sofa? What fabric is durable? What size and scale should the furniture be? Will it coordinate with my home? These 6 tips will be helpful to read before you purchase furniture!

1) First and foremost is the fabric DURABLE? For pets, children, don't want to spend $700 ($350 on fabric and $350 or more on labor) to recover it! Polyester is durable, Rayon is soft but it's not durable.

2) Is your main sofa fabric timeless? Will it go with lots of options for pillows & window treatments? You'll own this sofa for the next 12 to 15 years (if it's a good quality). If the furniture store doesn't have a fabric you like, know that you can do COM (customer's own material).

We recommended the solid chenille (far background) for the main sofa,
with the front fabrics coordinates for pillows and a cocktail ottoman.

The Furniture store recommended these fabrics, which "shredded" when the cat scratched the fabric.  The fabrics had far too much rayon to be durable and they were dated looking.  The customer thought the furniture store fabrics were their only option, they weren't aware that they 
could do "COM" customer's own material. 

3) Did you get a to scale room layout showing how large the furniture will look in your room? Remember, the  furniture store showroom is misleading!! It's probably a 15' tall black ceilings with NO walls, it will look MUCH larger in your home.

4) Do you have a rug to consider? A favorite art piece? Wall colors? It's important to make sure your house flows from room to room.  Notice how much better the AFTER fabrics look than the BEFORE (Against the client's art which will be hanging directly behind the sofa).  

Select sofa & pillow fabrics based on all the criteria  
5) Since your furniture will look much bigger in your room than you expect, (unless your room is huge or you have tall ceilings), it's often wise to omit the skirt. Chairs or sofas that are up on legs will make the room look less crowded (less dense).

6) Ask - what is the furniture store's return policy? How large is the restocking fee? What is their policy if you are quoted "6 weeks" but after 16 to 18 weeks it's still not in your home? 

When selecting a sofa and chairs make sure you consider the above 6 criteria. You'll own it for many years so it's important that you love it. 

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