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Friday, March 1, 2013

Improve the lighting in a dark house, just in time for spring! 9 solutions!

Fresh spring colors make this home feel more light filled. 
If your house feels dark, there are ways to make it lighter and brighter without installing larger windows!  Just in time for spring - here are eight cost effective interior design tips to have better lighting & make rooms feel brighter:

1) Install recessed lights. 
See photo below of a kitchen ceiling. Upgrading a florescent light to individual recessed lights is not as time consuming as I thought it would be. Get a quote, you might be pleasantly surprised!
Replacing one florescent light with individual can lights will insure the
entire room has sufficient lighting.
2) Install lights inside cabinets & insert glass doors!
This creates a more "open feeling". If it's not possible in the kitchen, is it possible on a bookcase? If you can't add glass, can you hide strip lighting?
Add lights inside cabinets

3) Replace heavy window treatments.
Either hang the drapes on the OUTSIDE of the window (so you don't block day light) OR replace heavy fabrics with light sheers.

This room feels "light filled" through the use of color and light fabrics. 
4) Upgrade one exterior door.
Chose the part of your house that needs light the most. See below: 

Add light by adding a door with a glass insert. 
5) Add under cabinet counter lighting.  

Add under cabinet lighting to brighten your room with better lighting 
6) Add light colorful colors through accessories & fabrics! 
They are cheerful! If the fabric is ultra suede, a micro fiber or a 100% polyester fabric it will be durable.  

This room feels light filled because of all the bright white! 
7) Paint woodwork BRIGHT WHITE. 
It's a major change, because it can be hard to find a stopping point. But notice in the photo below how light filled the room feels!
Bright white, along with lighting through a chandelier plus two lamps creates ample light in this foyer. 
8) Remove your 2" wood blinds - if you don't see the need, just try this experiment, raise the 2" blinds as high as possible, notice how much more open and light filled the room is? If you need privacy at night you can always install drapes that can be opened or closed.

9) Trim lower branches on trees!
Especially those that are close to the house!

A lighter and brighter house can make your mood feel brighter. Have fun with these tips and please send us your comments & ideas. We love hearing from you!

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