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Thursday, March 21, 2013

7 must read tips to solve stains and mildew on grout in your bathroom tile.

Grout for tile can show stains and mildew, here are 6 tips for how to avoid grout stains.

Grout stains show up more on light grout, it's best to chose a
deeper color such as tan or taupe
1) If it's a NEW tile job (a remodel or new construction), specify epoxy grout instead of the old kind. Don't let your installer talk you out of it!!! It is a tiny bit more expensive, but your grout will not show stains and for many years you'll be thankful.

2) If it's not new construction, and the mildew has already taken over, Hydrogen peroxide is helpful. It actually solves it. Buy several bottles, it's cheap! Brush it on the grout lines, leave it for awhile, don't rinse, you might have to repeat this again. It's cheaper than many cleaning supplies that don't really do the job. Be sure to test a spot to make sure it is safe for your tile.

3) Now to solve the REASON it's happening - this can be two fold,
a) too much moisture which means you may need to invest in a better intake fan or leave the door open while showering.
b) the "gaps" that use see - these are caused by settling or grout chipping, it's important that they be filled with grout by a tile person, the tile store can usually recommend someone good.

4) Chose a dark grout instead of light. Not so dark that it's unattractive.....but know that there are beautiful colors of grout available for your tile. Try holding several different brands up to your tile, and check it in NATURAL light instead of inside the tile showroom, so you'll see accurate colors.

Epoxy grout will not stain nearly as easily as regular grout! 

5) Use thin grout lines! If it's an experienced installer, they won't mind the challenge. Inexperienced installers prefer thicker grout lines to give themselves some leeway.

Mildew problems for grout can be solved with these tips 
6) If you have your grout nice an clean, (or if it's new) you can "seal" it. I did so, with a tiny paintbrush, time consuming but well worth it the first time you drop your makeup.

7) Remember that large tile will have less grout lines.

Grout stains on light grout can often be bleached with a cleaning supply that contains bleach, but if your tile is natural or porous, it can affect the color of the tile so be sure to test a spot.

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Richard Black said...

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