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Friday, February 8, 2013

Ten fabulous options for a front porch addition!

Realtor's say first impressions are the most important, if that's the won't want to miss these front porch shapes and styles! A front porch can be a fun place for lounging with a glass or ice tea, or it can be just a small stoop to protect you from the rain & wind. Either way, when you add a front porch, your home takes on an entirely new look, it creates a welcoming touch. 

This front porch is not deep or big, but the beautiful trees in the yard already welcome guests on their own. Front porches come in all shapes and sizes, this one may be simple, yet somehow it is still an inviting touch. 

This front porch roof style is a perfect solution when dormers limit your height. Notice the iron railing, which makes  makes the curved staircase a nice entrance to this porch. 

This front porch is amazing! With  6 columns, the combination of stone with wood trim, and best of all a beautiful arched shape to the roof, which softens the angles from all the dormers above. 

This front porch becons guests to enter, with the beautiful arch, and a
stone sidewalk to guide you to the front door. 

This front Porch in Greensboro, NC has a nice hip roof, beautiful stone with gas porch lights,  and just the right amount of steps to elevate the entrance. The addition of a front porch such as this is possible even if you can't match the brick of your home, notice the house is brick, the porch is stone. 

This front porch is a basic inexpensive addition, but the balcony
with iron railing makes it impressive. 

We zoomed in for a close up of this front porch, to capture the details in the woodwork  

This front porch is long - so long that it has two distinct sitting areas. The shutters on the windows have that nice "beach home" appeal. Imagine how plain this home would be without the porch!

This porch is L shaped, it wraps around the entire front of the house. The two tone paints help draw attention to the architecture, the shape of the columns, and the details on the windows. 
Outdoor fabric drapes are great -  to keep the sun away or to make your porch feel cozy. 

If you have a limited budget for a porch, notice how welcoming it can be with the
 addition of flower boxes and nice lights.

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Front porch styles & shapes come in all varieties, for a great addition to make your entrance more welcoming. 

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