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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Tile or hardwood floors, which is best for a kitchen?

To decide between tile or hardwood floors in your kitchen or bath - first learn the advantages and disadvantages of each:
1) Tile can be wet mopped without worrying about too much moisture. The new epoxy grout will not stain like the old grout did.
2) Tile can create a new texture (if you have stained wood cabinets and you're worried about having too much wood)
3) You don't have to worry about the wood clashing with the wood on the cabinets
4) You won't have to move out of your home someday while the hardwood floors are being refinished! If a child leaves ice cubes melting or if someone drops an egg on hardwood floors and doesn't clean it good enough .....yes, I'm speaking from does harm the varnish and stain.

Now for the disadvantages of tile:
1) It can be tiring (hard on your legs) to stand on it for long periods of time, so you might want to add rugs if you are an avid cook. Some indoor outdoor rugs can be rinsed off, and they're pretty!
2) It can be cold in the winter, however, if you plan in advance you can request a heated floor - just be sure to allow for this as it affects the floor height
3) If you do somehow manage to harm your tile floor, you (hopefully) had the installer leave a few excess tiles for replacing damaged ones.

kitchen with hardwood floors, since there is a big contrast between the stains, they work nicely together 

When your cabinets are white, hardwood floors can create a nice warm tone. 

The grain of these hardwoods runs across this narrow room,
to help make the room feel wider.....much like stripes do when we wear a dress! Unfortunately! 

If you go with tile, you can pick a nice dark grout that won't show stains, and go for epoxy grout - it's FAR more durable than regular grout! 
If you put hardwoods in one room and tile in the next, it's important to hold a sample of each next to each other, to make sure the color tones are complimentary.

Now that you've read the advantages and disadvantages of hardwood floors versus tile. know that it's actually personal preference! In addition, it can depend on what area of the country you live in. Tile can add a nice touch in a Florida home, or in a southern style home, it has the "sun room" type feeling. 

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