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Monday, February 25, 2013

Don't miss these 4 simple steps to a clutter free playroom and home office!

Playrooms and home offices have something in common, they can feel like a room full of clutter, or they can feel organized and clutter free. Let's face it, they both somehow accumulate a lot of STUFF!

If everything has a specific place, it's easy to keep them clutter free. Organizing an office can make you love the work space.
Home office Clutter Free 

  1. Invest in doors & drawers that close, (limit open shelving to a minimum). Even more importantly, make sure any built in units have FILE DRAWERS! If you don't have the ability to add file drawers, consider 3 hole punching paperwork and putting it into binders.
  2. Sort by color or alphabet, create a system that's easy to remember. Perhaps blue for home, green for work, red for children's info? 
Clutter free Playroom  

Before (below) 

This basement playroom was an enjoyable space once we made it clutter free!
Once we added roman shades & a nice rug, the client was motivated
to take it a step further. They allowed us to dive in and organize the playroom.
Children (and adults) need deep drawers for video games, toys, and other misc.
We found these very reasonable drawer units at Home Depot. We added custom
hardware to upgrade the look.

3)   Live by the simple rule  "a place for everything and everything in it's place". Donate? Trash? or File in it's proper place?   If you only have 3 pile options, it's easier to sort. 

4)  Get a label maker & dividers. For young children who can't read, insert PHOTOS instead of labels. 

For a clutter free playroom or office, it doesn't require a huge budget for built in shelving. The 3 cabinets above were less than $100 each, and even I was able to assemble them! Creating a clutter free environment in one room normally causes a chain reaction in which you'll want to make more rooms organized - let the challenge begin! 

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Tiffany Patterson said...

Yes, doors and drawers are great for clutter free play rooms!