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Friday, February 15, 2013

Cocktail ottoman versus cocktail table, why do designer's like Candice Olsen love them?

You may have noticed that the famous designer Candice Olsen uses cocktail ottomans in many of her  rooms. You might be thinking that's all about looks and not about function. Not true!

People who start with one cocktail ottoman in their home almost always end up getting two or three throughout the the den, the sun room, the master bedroom, even the living room. Why? Here are 7 reasons (they're not just my opinion, this is the feedback we've heard for years):

1) ) A cocktail ottoman allows you to get rid of all the other ottomans!! This makes the room less crowded. Why have a big bulky ottoman in front of EACH chair when you can have a one large ottoman in the middle of the sitting area?  (for everyone to share)
2) Cocktail ottomans are more COMFORTABLE! You can have one made in a lower height, so you don't hyper extend your knees, everyone on the sofa can share it, to kick back and relax! Some people tell me they just put their legs on a cocktail table, but let's face it, that's not comfortable for long periods. It's a hard surface, and it's probably too tall.
If your cocktail ottoman has exposed legs (instead of upholstery all the way down to the floor),  your room will feel much larger. And - you won't hide your beautiful rug! 

This leather cocktail ottoman
has a clean contemporary look,  with very few tufts
3) A cocktail ottoman is safer than a cocktail table! There's no need to worry about a child - or adult :) falling and hitting their head on a cocktail ottoman. The first cocktail table we ever sold was for my brother, and wouldn't you know it? My niece fell & hit the edge - she had to get stitches on her forehead. I had forewarned about the danger of a table, it was nerve wracking when she had to go to the hospital.

4) An ottoman allows you to bring another texture and color into the room. You'll notice Candice Olsen often uses Cocktail ottomans in her rooms. Designer's like them because you can bring in new shapes, (oval, round, etc) but more important, it allows you to bring in another texture and color. It has a way of "groundings" the room much like a nice area rug.
This cocktail ottoman has box tufts
This rich coral chenille ottoman added much needed color
 to this Greensboro, NC home owner's den

This Cocktail ottoman designed by Candice Olsen has traditional tufting.
The  oval shape helps soften the room.
This ottoman has a traditional tuft style, but the
fresh white linen gives it an updated look. 
5) A cocktail ottoman can actually be used just like a cocktail table - just put a large tray on top, and Wha La! You have a nice big area to set down drinks and appetizers. Speaking of which..... end tables are more comfortable anyway (for setting down a drink).

6) You don't have to dust it! With glass cocktail tables and wood tables you have to worry about scratches & dust..... not so with a durable fabric on a cocktail ottoman.

Cocktail ottoman with carved legs
This Greensboro NC homeowner requested a huge
ottoman, this one is 48 x 50

You'll never convince someone who has owned a cocktail ottoman to revert back to a cocktail table. They realize that small end tables are a better place for drinks anyway. If there's an amazing looking cocktail table you like for the style, find out if you could purchase the matching end tables instead
7) Your guests will feel welcome! With a cocktail ottoman, you never have to say the words "relax, prop your feet up". The ottoman will convey that on it's own.

Now to list a pro for cocktail tables - some of them are great looking - but where there's a great looking cocktail table there's normally a matching end table which you can get instead. 
This designer room by Candice Olsen features a cocktail ottoman.
It's hard to capture in a photograph, but the beautiful fabric
is a nice addition to the room. Notice  that it's functional for both the chairs and the sofa.  

Designer rooms by Candice Olsen often feature a cocktail ottoman, that's because a good designer is just as concerned with function as they are beauty!  Send us you comments, we love feedback!  


Anonymous said...

Good ideas on the cocktail ottoman! I bought a more contemporary one from Crate & Barrel. You lift it and it has a hidden storage inside enough for pillows and a throw. It's so versatile! So that's another reason for the cocktail ottoman, hidden storage. :)

nancy john said...

In the process of building a new house so I am on design blog overload at the moment but what I have decided that I want more than anything in my new house

Color for Interior Designs

Madeline Gabriel said...

My husband and I were just talking about this sort of thing! We like the idea of something within reach of all the seating and I like how fabric choices can give an interesting feel to a room (our floors are not the strong point of the house). Our family is likely to very much enjoy a "put your feet up" kind of vibe. But, we also want in the living room to have the option of teenagers (or, ahem, my husband) sitting around with snacks to watch a sporting event or movie. I don't know if that means planning for a tray/cover or looking at a cocktail ottoman for the den instead.

McLeod said...

I really like the Gray Ottoman. It looks very relaxing and it will make my guests feel comfortable in my home.