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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

What questions to ask a designer, for your remodeling or new construction project.

Before you remodel your home or start construction on a new home, this is the optimum time to ask an interior designer the right questions! ----Think of it like an interview. ----After all, it can make or break the project. The builder or architect will normally offer an interior designer as part of the package, here are some great questions to ask the designers you're interviewing.

 Ask a very specific question, to see if they respect your taste and are knowledgeable in their field.  
1) You will soon be able to tell if they have a true gift - which you cannot learn in design school. A gift for size & scale, attention to detail, for understanding color tones, and most of all..... good listening skills.

I found this blog on the internet. The writer talked about her struggle to find a paint color for her son's bedroom. A good designer would be able to narrow it down and explain what's good & bad about each one, in a way that makes perfect sense!

Above - Paint options a homeowner was considering. Notice her words at the bottom, "I better like the end result, if I don't it won't be my husband who repaints, I promise you that!"

2) Ask specific questions about their background. 
They should have a web site that REFLECTS the quality level of work to expect.  Does their web site features one home.... from the client with the HUGE budget?  - or does it reflect that they can work with a variety of tastes, styles, and budgets? How extensive is their experience?

3) Ask for references and recommendations. They should have an excellent rating at the BBB, and they'll have glowing recommendations on Houzz, Google and Facebook.

4) Know that if you're interviewing designers and some are much cheaper than others, there's probably a reason for that. 
A qualified designer can save you from a "redo" that could run thousands of dollars -  they'll make you glad you spent more for an expert. In the below photo, we saved the homeowner from a massive error.

Far LEFT: hardwood floor 
Bottom Right: Their original (bad choice) for cabinet stain, which was too red
Better choice - Upper Right: A much better compliment to the floors. 
It's hard to capture in a photo, in real life, once I pointed it out to the homeowners they
said "oh my gosh you're right, they DO clash!!" 

5) Ask if they can pass on showroom discounts. Perhaps they're aware of brands that offer tile & carpet at more reasonable prices than some of the big name brands. Perhaps they get "to the trade" discounts that they can pass onto you? If their fee is high but the savings are substantial, it's important to look at the bottom line.

Details such as how and where to insert  accent tiles, which grout color for your tile, 
these can all make or break the overall look. 

6) Consider interviewing two different designers. AFTER ALL - It's less expensive than being faced with an expensive purchase that you aren't happy with, or a remodeling job that went wrong. You'll find that one designer will bring things to the table that just "click" - with your taste & your budget.

It's your home, you should LOVE coming home to it. It's worth doing your homework and asking all the right questions. Remodeling and new construction projects can run as smooth as silk or they can be a nightmare. You'll want the interior designer to be your best advocate with the architect, the builder,  the remodeling company, and at the various suppliers (tile, granite, lighting, and hardware).

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