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Friday, January 4, 2013

How to make my bookcases look better with less clutter? See these bookshelf photos!

Bookshelves can look great if they're not full of clutter. See these transformations, it sometimes takes some "encouraging" but we often cause a chain reaction of clutter removal once we get one room done, the client is motivated to do more areas! 

AFTER above, BEFORE below
Our custom chairs, rug, drapes and accessories add warmth.
Keep your favorite books and accessories, donate those you no longer want for someone to enjoy. 

Bookshelf BEFORE
This homeowner loved it once the books were organized,
sorted in groups with garden books together, cookbooks together, and favorite novels together.
She also donated those books she didn't want. 

AFTER Bookshelves
We glazed them in a taupe wash & we removed lots of shelves 

Before removing shelves
Eight shelves instead of three....this would have required
lots of little bitty accessories, which feel like clutter.

Bookshelf  IN PROGRESS
We're waiting on some colorful art, but it's already a big improvement. We
removed small items which allows you to appreciate favorite accessories. 

Bookshelf    BEFORE
AFTER bookshelf and valance
Once we updated the clients window valance, it was easy to talk them into clutter removal.

Before dated valance style next to office bookshelf 
Bookshelves in office before
By removing shelves, we were able to reduce clutter!
Try doing a section at a time, or a shelf at a time. Bookshelves with less clutter can make you feel more organized, and allow you to find what you're looking for.


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