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Friday, January 11, 2013

Do my two sofas have to match?

People often ask if their sofas need to match. Well thats a tricky question, because it depends on the sofas, it depends on the room, and it depends if you have fabulous
fabrics that can tie it all together. It's tricky to decorate a room with two different sofas, to be honest it's hard to make it work and not look like a hodge podge, but it can be done. Sometimes all it takes
is some finishing touches to pull it all together!
Here are some questions that you might want to ask your self:
  1. Do they compliment each other?
  2. Does it seem like you were forced to use them beause they came from old homes or combined households?
  3. Are they similiar in size and scale? Or does one sofa overpower the other?
  4. Can the room HANDLE two sofas? Or would you be better off with a pair of chairs next to your sofa?
In this room, the sofas do not match. The chesterfield sofa (the tufted one in back) has a lot of style. The sofa on the left is very clean lined, so it doesn't really make a statement. The medium gray tone blends well with the light gray sofa. This is a great example of a situation where mixing two different sofas worked out much better than having two matching sofas. This shows that it's not necessary to have a matching pair.

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Anonymous said...

This was unbelievably helpful! I am glad to read this before I wasted money on buying the wrong furniture. I had no idea how much went into buying a sofa.