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Interior Design Photos on our web site
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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

How Candice Olsen & interior designers update a dining room without replacing all the furniture.

Famous designer Candice Olsen updates dining rooms with rugs, art, new color etc. Here are 6 must read interior design tips with before and after photos:

1) You can replace a "busy" or dark rug with a tone on tone neutral rug. If a rug has various textures or tones, it will still be interesting. yet soothing. Know that bamboo silk rugs with wool can be durable.
Candice Olsen Dining room
2) Consider fully upholstered dining chairs, to create variety (keeping your original wood dining table).
See photo below.

Comfortable fully upholstered dining chairs will make your guests feel right at home!

This dining room is an oasis after a hard day at work. Life is hectic, so it's nice when a room feels
 clutter free. Notice the white sheers on the bay window and the light soothing colors. 

3) Know that tone on tone fabrics, paints, or window treatments can create a soothing environment. 

AFTER  Dining drapes made the window feel larger

To make your window look larger, your room taller
Consider draperies 
4) Add fabric, it does wonders to break up all the wood in the room! These photos show the transformation. (below)
5) Add a few large colorful accessories, such as pottery. See photo below, our Greensboro NC client. 
To draw attention to a beautiful ceiling, or to make a short piece of furniture
seem taller, add colorful designer accessories that are large in scale

6) Consider removing the over sized hutch. By replacing it with art, the room will feel less crowded. If you're tired of your "complete dining set", perhaps this small change is all you need for a fresh update. 
Dining room After
We removed the top half of the massive dining hutch,
which made the room feel more open & spacious

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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Interior Design ideas for tone on tone rooms, 8 must read tips!

This blog has inspiration for tone on tone rooms, soothing colors with great interior design tips. It's a guest post from Mari from Arcadian Home, a wonderful place to find interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from fabulous modern pendant lighting to beautiful rugs for the living room. Today's photos show pattern in the living rooms, not bold colorful pattern, but subtle tone on tone textiles that create soothing spaces for relaxing. Please enjoy! ~ Mari
Living Room Pattern
This pretty living room has beautiful tone on tone subtle colors, with a lovely mix of solids. A pair of pale decorative pillows on the sofa and long draperies add just the right amount of soft pattern to the space. Isn't the traditional wrought iron chandelier turned modern pendant light just perfect for the room? Living Room Pattern
This tone on tone room in gray and taupe uses soft colors and subtle pattern on the drapes, it all 
comes together beautifully. The floor is fabulous. Living Room Pattern
Here, another light filled living room gets the pattern treatment with draperies and pillows, plus a great abstract tone on tone fabric on one of the armchairs. The furniture layout allows for ample seating. Living Room Pattern
  Decorative pillows and fringed throw add pattern to the seating in this modern room, while a washed silk rug brings a subtle design to the floor.
 Living Room Pattern
 A sedate blue animal print on the armchair and color-blocked fabric on the settee join a pale antique rug to bring soft pattern into this eclectic living room. The window treatments are stunning with the contrast band. 
Rather than using two contemporary floor lamps on either side of the settee, a tall blue glass lamp is brought into the space for great asymmetrical balance. I love the contrast banding on the drape panels!Living Room Pattern
 From the beautiful textured wallpaper to the classic design on the floor, this tone on tone space is filled with pattern, but the gorgeous colors are repeated at every turn to create a most appealing room. Living Room Pattern
 Just a few touches of pattern are all this beautiful living room needs. The palest of pale color on the walls and almost bold turquoise hues takes this space from pretty to pretty fabulous. 
Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 What do you think of these patterns? Leave us your comments and stop by our website for more living room inspirations, home decor, and pendant lighting!

Friday, December 6, 2013

How to make a traditional fireplace more contemporary, 7 unique ideas with stone, marble, and mantles!

To update a traditional fireplace, we've featured 7 amazing photographs for inspiration. 

1) It might be a simple upgrade, such as covering the brick with a lighter marble on the surround - as featured in this photo.

Photo of an updated fireplace with white marble surround and limestone mantle

Some people say they love the look of a stacked stone fireplace
One way to mimic this look is with a Faux finish in taupe & camel tones 

Some people like the clean look of a painted brick fireplace

For a contemporary fireplace,
remember that you can omit the mantle or hearth. See the flushed front as shown above 

Not interested in putting a TV in the big Niche the builder has in your fireplace?
Consider painting the interior black, and adding a large sculpture or artwork 

This stone is a nice update, with the beautiful earth tones

Do you have a fireplace idea you'd like to share? We'd love to hear your comments! Or if you have a question, be sure to email us instead.

Monday, December 2, 2013

How to decorate with brick walls or a brick fireplace. 4 Design tips if you don't want to paint your brick!

You want to keep your brick walls or fireplace, but you're not sure how to make it look good. Perhaps you've seen magazine photos where the brick walls or fireplace looked amazing, but you can't seem to make it feel compatible with the decorating in your own home?

Here are 4 helpful tips if you don't want to paint your brick.

1) Consider a color wash! 

This allows the natural variations in the brick to show, since it's not actual paint. Some bricks walls and fireplaces look good because the bricks are a beautiful taupe or camel tone, while other bricks are too orange or too pink to be compatible. If they're not the right color, enlist the help of a color specialist, perhaps all they need is a color wash over the brick. However, if it's not done right, the pink will still "peek through the color wash".

Brick walls add texture
2) Add steel or rustic wood to compliment the brick!

If there are exposed pipes, or big "loft" windows, or wood beams, the bricks will normally blend no matter what! It just seems to go with the territory. 

Brick walls help you keep the historic feeling
3) Choose a wall paint that compliments the brick color!

If you want to keep your bricks "as is", be sure to select a wall paint that doesn't make them seem more pink or a "fleshy tone"!!  For example a taupe paint that has a slight green or gold cast would make the bricks seem even MORE pink. You can try sample quarts next on the wall next to the brick. 

Good paint colors for next to a brick wall or fireplace
4) Know that faux treatments are fast!
If you are willing to cover the bricks or tiles on your fireplace surround, know that most Faux paint techniques are easier, faster, cleaner, and less expensive than starting all over again.

AFTER (above)
our custom finish made the client fall in love with their brick fireplace surround
Also notice the changes we made in the wall unit & shelves

BEFORE (below)

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Stunning ceiling ideas, 7 ceilings you won't want to miss!

Some of our favorite ceilings of all time! This arched tongue and groove ceiling is amazing due to the curved shape and curved window.  In the evening, the cove lights draw attention to this amazing architecture. Below, we'll feature 6 more gorgeous ceilings!

Arched cove ceiling tongue and groove
For the new construction project below, we specified where each recessed light should be long before the sheet rock or beam ceiling went up, this is important to consider so the lights
will be centered in each square or aligned properly with the beam ceilings.

For this beam ceiling, we adjusted the stain color so that the cherry walls would
compliment the beam ceilings which were out of a different wood. 

This wood ceiling is stunning, notice the combination of
painted wood and stained wood for the beam ceiling.  Each
wood will take the stain differently, you can
"tweak" the stain for a test run. 

For this ceiling, we used a 4 step Faux Finish process, and put cove lighting
which looks amazing at night

The crown moldings used on this ceiling draw attention to
the beautiful architecture. 

For this ceiling, we recommended two chandeliers, since
it would be impossible to center one light over the Jacuzzi.
Notice we continue the wall paint color on the ceiling,
to avoid a "stop and start" chopped up look

This deep rich ceiling paint draws attention
to the amazing crown moldings surrounding this ceiling. 
Do you have a ceiling idea you love? We like getting your comments! For tips on how to make your ceilings feel taller, or to draw attention to your architecture, see the stunning ceilings & ideas on these blogs:

Thursday, November 28, 2013

5 amazing tips to update a home when your furniture is too traditional for your taste

Upholstered Bed with wood frame (same night stands and dressers)
Designers have several tricks for updating a home when the furniture is too traditional. Perhaps the style you loved years ago isn't necessarily your preferred style today? That doesn't mean an entire re-do is required!  You can change the feeling of a room without replacing all your furniture.

Sometimes new fabrics, lamps, art, or just one new piece of furniture will update your style to the level you desire. See the changes below, it's encouraging to know that if your taste has changed, you might be pleasantly surprised with the impact you can achieve from one or two pieces - especially the ones that demand a lot of attention! Laura bedroom - before below.

1) In this room we updated one piece of furniture! A master bedroom can be a haven you love, with just a few simple updates!

(Other Designer)
The duvet, shams, and bench were all covered in busy prints, which were not the soothing look the homeowner desired. The headboard was ornate,
which did not fit their style.  
2) Know that contemporary art is amazing in a traditional setting. See below - this client has tumbled marble stair treads, and very wood & iron onal stair railing. The mix of traditional art lends a fresh clean fun approach to replace the serious traditional art.
Abstract art in a traditional home

With very formal traditional art

New Accessories, drapes, and art to add color


3) Know that new fabrics can change the entire look and feel or a piece. Recovering furniture is often a fast and easy solution.
4) Rugs - a traditional rug can date a room even more than the furniture. If you prefer a lighter less formal look, know that a rug will make a huge impact.
A new rug can make a huge impact to update a room!
We replaced the loveseat with a pair of chairs, and updated the rug.
This accomplished what the homeowner desired
without the need to replace the sofa (on opposite wall).

5) Add bold color - or perhaps tone on tone soothing colors are more your style? Whatever the case, when you replace busy traditional prints with more subtle fabrics it changes the entire personality of a room for less money than any other upgrade!

For many additional photos and ideas for updating rooms, adding color, and making your home feel less dated, click on these links:

Friday, November 15, 2013

How to maximize seating in a family room for TV viewing, with tips for room layouts.

In order to seat lots of people, this long narrow living room needed a redo. See the before and after photo, the room can seat several more people now. We made a custom sectional to make use of what used to be wasted space, then on the opposite wall, we replaced a loveseat with two chairs. Two large adults normally tell us they're more comfortable sitting in their own chair (instead of a loveseat).

When deciding the length of your sectional. know that you only need to allow about 40 inches for the walkway area, unless of course you want it to look really "open" in that case, you'd want to allow more.
This client requested a sectional with a pair of chairs, which was a great way to seat lots of people for TV viewing!
Notice how many more people they can seat than the layout before (below


1) Notice how the large end tables took up valuable seating area. The skirt on the sofa made the room feel smaller. By leaving the skirt off of the sectional, the furniture doesn't seem as dense.

2) Consider furniture with clean small arms, the older styles that were "overstuffed"  had huge rolled arms, if the arms are 6" wider each, that's 12" of space that could be used for a longer sofa. 

In the room layout above, there are several seating areas for maximum seating and TV viewing
The ottomans in front of the chairs add extra comfort. 

3) Consider a long bench which can be pulled out to use when needed. Perhaps from the foyer, or the foot of the bed?

4) Don't forget you can "borrow" chairs from other rooms, perhaps an upholstered host and hostess chair from the dining room? Or perhaps you could keep a chair or two in the corner of the bedroom  - to bring into the TV room for family gatherings.
Host and hostess chairs can be carried into the TV
Room for optimum TV viewing
Remember that your layout can be rearranged for parties or
for a big family get together.

For lots more photos of room layouts and TV room viewing, click on these blogs, they feature some great ideas!!

Do you have solutions you'd like to share? We love hearing your comments! Or, if you have a question, be sure to email instead, as we cannot reply to comments. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to decorate with white walls, 7 amazing ways to add white to a room!

Rooms can be inviting even when the walls are painted white. People often think white walls will make a room boring, but if you don't want to paint your walls, you can embrace the white, 
as the designer room photos below show. 

Embrace white walls, notice how soothing this room is 

Paint one wall dark, leave the other walls white
It can feel clean and fresh when you decorate with white!

White walls look more expensive when there is texture on the floor
This sisal rug is a nice compliment next to the off white paint 

Add white painted furniture 

Add white drapes!

Paint your bar stools or kitchen chairs white
Use white counter tops in the kitchen 
For beautiful (and functional) tips on how to decorate with white fabrics,,,, or how to make a room feel brighter and lighter, click on these blogs. Amazing designer room photos - Enjoy!