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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

What type of window treatment is best for my french door and patio doors?

For window treatment styles to use on french doors or patio doors, we are featuring several before and after photos. There are numerous options available, you can often treat the french door just like you would a regular window, as long as you keep in mind the direction the door opens and closes.

In this Greensboro NC home, we replaced their valance with a functioning drape at the french door.
This window treatment allows room darkening for TV viewing and total privacy. Notice that it
does not interfere with opening and closing the french door.

This client was at a loss on what type window
treatments would make their home feel updated.

In this Grandover residence in Greensboro NC, the homeowner did not need privacy at the french door. Notice the art we added, or a decorative architectural piece could also be placed over a french door, to create the illusion of height.  


If you choose shades instead of drapes on french doors or patio doors,
keep in mind that it's  nearly impossible to keep them level.
 See photo above. This bothers some people, it's personal preference.
Roman shade are a nice contemporary look on doors.

If you choose a roman shade on a door, keep in mind that
when it's raised, it can block your view at eye level. When
the roman shades are lowered, you will have complete privacy.

The choices for french doors & patio doors are not that different than regular windows, just keep in mind
that they need to fit beside your door knob, & ask yourself how much privacy you desire.

Our Greensboro, NC homeowners later stated that they are glad they went with drapes instead of
roman shades or cellular shades, due to the color, texture, and the way it "framed" the room on each side.

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Lianna said...

Window treatments are the best way to maintain the look and feel of house windows and doors. Thanks a lot for posting such an informative article on this.

Austin Blinder said...

Yes -- those wider window treatments really made a difference! Looks like you painted the walls yellow -- or was that just different lighting?

KL said...

Good suggestions