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Friday, September 14, 2012

What window treatment can be mounted on the ceiling? (see these photos if you cannot drill in the wall)

When it's not possible to drill into the window or door frame (due to condo rules, no space, or other issues), you can always install window treatment hardware into the ceilings, as shown in the photos below. 
AFTER with window treatments for privacy
 (can be opened or closed from ceiling mount)
BEFORE  in need of privacy
Sheers hung from the ceiling, this diffuses
the light to reduce glare, yet many linen sheers are "see through"  
Ceiling mount hardware for window treatments.
If you upgrade to custom window treatments with pleats,
you can have hidden pins instead of the clamps shown.

There are numerous hardware and window treatments styles that can be mounted from the ceiling, including roman shades, valances, drapes, sheets, blinds, etc. This can be helpful when you are limited due to wall space or lack of ability to drill into the window frame or door frame.

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Anonymous said...

How can you dress a bay window with wood cornices on each window made by my father? I think it would break his heart if I remove them. I'd like to make my living room look bigger and taller with updated drapes. What should I do?