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Monday, September 17, 2012

How to hide an intake vent, see these photos

What's the best way to hide our intake vent? That's a question I get often! Let's face it, builders apparently do not put a lot of thought into where the intake vent will look best.

When I'm consulted early in the home building stage, I can recommend an easy alternative of where to move it, even a few feet lower or to the right or left can make a big difference. Otherwise, if it's too late, here are some tips:

1) paint it the same color as the walls - be sure to prime it first so the paint will adhere!

2) accessorize the surrounding area (to detract the eye as shown in the photo below)

3) Put furniture in front of it. However - It MUST have a good air flow, or you can ruin your entire heating and air conditioning system!  Notice this furniture (below) does not block the vent, which is important.

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