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Friday, August 24, 2012

What fabric is durable for a custom duvet cover?

Here are some tips for finding the best fabric for a duvet cover, bedspread, or coverlet. Also see our ideas for luxurious and durable bedding sets.

Here are some fabric tips:
1) Man made fibers such as polyester and microfiber are durable. However, they can be hot to sleep under. You're familiar with how hot a polyester outfit is in comparison to cotton in the summer. Perhaps even more important, you can't achieve the luxurious look with them.

2) If you use an organic fabric, such as cotton, or silk, or linen, they are breathable (in other words they are cool to sleep under) but remember they often WRINKLE! Are you willing to live with wrinkles? Or would you rather just turn the spread back at night and sleep under a light blanket instead?  See below photo idea:

Luxurious silk shams & velvet shams, with a durable
chenille on this custom duvet cover in Greensboro NC 
Custom duvet cover and window treatments
custom made duvet cover and shams
3) You can combine two fabrics, see the above photo with bronze and camel fabrics.

4) Most chenille fabrics are very durable, and they normally do not wrinkle - you can always do the "scrunch test". Some chenille can be scrubbed, which is great if children and/or pets will come in the room! The one drawback is that they can be too heavy to sleep under. I solve that by turning back the duvet cover, and sleeping under a light blanket or the down insert only. (do not have to put the insert inside the duvet cover).

Custom made bedding set & window treatments
The below list shows the most important criteria for selecting your duvet cover. coverlet, or bedspread:
  • color
  • pattern or texture - Is it a pattern you won't tire of? Is it trendy?
  • does it look good with your rug? your shams? your upholstered headboard? your art?
  • is it durable?
  • the hand (the feel, how soft it is, how it will hang)
  • wrinkle resistant?
  • do both spouses agree on the fabric? 
People often ask us to find a fabric that will meet all the criteria listed, but in reality they are creating something in their mind that does not exist. Determine which features are the most important to you, then be realistic about what's available.

Medallion print fabric, linen shams, and a durable fabric
on the custom duvet in this Greensboro NC home

To find fabrics in fabric stores, first decide which features are important to you. If you think you've found every feature, you might want to research the durability factor. Example of fabric content:  79% rayon 16% cotton, and 5% poly would not be durable. Know that the fabric store employee may be on commission, or they might not be properly trained on what is "pet friendly" or "childproof".

For more tips and bedroom photos, check out the web site Transforming Rooms. After all, a good fabric on your duvet cover, coverlet, or bedspread can make your master bedroom a place you can't wait to spend time in! It's worth getting a custom made duvet cover that you'll love for many years.

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Interior Decorators Thousand Oaks said...

Duvets are two piece bed covers an inner filler of down, wool or synthetic filler encased in a fabric case and sewn closed which is the actual duvet. A duvet cover is a cloth, pillowcase shaped cover that is used over the duvet.

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