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Friday, August 10, 2012

What size rug should I buy & should the rug be under the sofa?

If you're looking at rugs in local stores, but you're not sure what size rug to purchase, we've listed some helpful tips. But before you read on, know that there is no specific requirement for whether the rug can be under the sofa and chairs. In fact, the rug can be under the front legs only, or the back legs as well, or not at all. It's more a matter of what size rug looks good in the room, with more specific tips listed here:

1) Know that a large rug will make your room look larger, and/or it will make the seating area feel more like a "conversation section". Often people put a 5 x 7 or 6 x 9 rug in a large room that would look much better with an 8 1/2 x 12. It's ok to put the rug partically under the sofa, a good rule of thumb is that you want to allow about 24" to 40" of hardwood or tile surround to show. Or, in a huge room you're mainly just trying to create a cozy conversation area.

This rug is just the right size, it shows the right amount of hardwood floor, and it's large enough
to make the room look big. Also notice the recovered furniture, and new window treatments!
This tone on tone rug allowed us to add medallion print drapes, and the rich cinnamon, paprika, and bronze tones that the homeowner requested. In addition, it allowed their favorite oil painting to stand out. We recovered the sofas, brought in new accessories, and made a custom oval ottoman.  

2) Clients often tell us they want to replace a rug with a busy print, saying they're tired of it. See the photo below, the prior interior designer recommended a busy print in burgundy and navy jewel tones, which felt dated within a short time. The new rug (see after) is very versatile....even if the homeownever changes their fabrics & colors. 

with patterned rug
3) If you can't find a rug you love, sometimes a carpet store will have a pretty remnant that you can have bound on the edges. Look for a unique texture, a soft feel, and tone on tone colors.

4) If you still prefer a rug with a busy pattern, it's wise to have a design plan for the room before you puchase the rug. It's important to remember that the art, fabrics, and acccessories will all demand attention. A rug with a pattern can force you into a corner, and limit what you are able to put in the room.
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