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Monday, August 6, 2012

What questions to ask a remodeling contractor? Six remodeling tips

Before remodeling, there are some good questions and specifications to go over with the contractor. Going over the right issues before you begin may just save your from problems down the road. Be sure to ask your contractor about the following:

1) If plumbing is kept in the same location (the toilet where it currently is, the sinks where it currently is, etc) how much money will I save on labor? It's wise to ask if his quote is guaranteed. It might be helpful to pay for an inspection of both plumbing & electrical before you begin, so you have a better idea how much the project could run over budget.
2) If it's not guaranteed, ask this - how much can my quote vary? Ask friends who've done remodels - how much did their quote change due to "unforeseen circumstances". Find out if they were happy with their contractor.
3) Ask for a written time line. If your contractor quotes are so far apart that you can't figure out why - it might be wise to ask for a written time line, and/or include penalties in the contract for each week that the project runs over the completion date. There's nothing worse than having your bathroom out of commission for weeks, with no workers showing up.
4) Ask if they're listed with the Better Business Bureau? If so, do they have an excellent rating with the BBB?
5)   Ask for written specifications regarding daily  clean up. Ask how they will reduce the dust that can spread through the home (from drilling out the old tile, etc.).  How if they reseal the doorways each time they come and go through your home for lunch or breaks? If so - and here's the important thing - Is it with masking tape which can come undone, or with a zipper system?
6) Ask yourself, what exactly are my goals? A larger space? More color? Not so plain? Know that you can often accomplish a great deal through wall paint or by "tricking the eye". See the below before & after photos.

The homeowners of the photos below told us they hated their bathroom tile, saying they had to remodel. The remodeling expense was extensive, so we changed a few things the rooms needed to feel "complete" and/or to be more functional.
  • We added window treatments on the windows. This made the rooms feel larger.
  • We added art, accessories, and a rug so the tile would not feel cold in the winter.
  • We hung a huge full length mirror (on opposite wall not shown) for function. 

After photo
If you don't want to invest in all new tile, perhaps a glass and stone border just around
the top edge of the jacuzzi tub wall? 
Another way we add color to bathrooms
is through yummy blue "spa color" rugs - with a very durable  content! 

Notice how the art and window treatment were
much needed to add color and texture


In this remodel, we upgraded the bathroom tile, refaced the bathroom cabinets, and added new fabrics, paint, and accessories to make the room feel more welcoming.

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