Blinds versus drapes, which window treatment is best? See these photos!

“How can I create privacy on my windows without blocking my view?”, this is probably the most common question homeowners ask us as designers. Often one spouse is a fan of 2″ wood blinds, or shutters. The other spouse – well they often request something that “won’t make the windows feel so closed in, yet will still provide privacy […]

What fabric is durable for a custom duvet cover?

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Here are some tips for finding the best fabric for a duvet cover, bedspread, or coverlet. Also see our ideas for luxurious and durable bedding sets. Here are some fabric tips: 1) Man made fibers such as polyester and microfiber are durable. However, they can be hot to sleep under. You’re familiar with how hot a polyester outfit is in comparison to cotton in the […]

How to layout bedroom furniture, can the bed be in front of a window?

In some bedrooms the bedroom furniture layout is dictated by the architecture. See photo below as an example of this: In some cases, the window is located where you’d like to put your bed. If this is the case, you can add drapes to make the window appear wider. See photo below. In this bedroom […]

How can I make my room look expensive on a budget? See this room makeover photo!

If you want an expensive look on a budget, notice how much the fabrics changed the look of this Greensboro, NC home! When the client asked about purchasing a high quality sofa at a furniture store, we recommended recovering the sofa for a huge savings. There sofa was a very good quality, all it needed was a designer fabric!  If you have […]

What color should I paint my front door? 7 tips and photos

Are you wondering what color to paint your front door? Know that it doesn’t have to match the trim or shutters. You can draw more attention to the front door if it is a unique color. The most popular photo of a front door Here are 7 ideas and photos: 1) You could paint the door a darker version of the […]

What size rug should I buy & should the rug be under the sofa?

If you’re looking at rugs in local stores, but you’re not sure what size rug to purchase, we’ve listed some helpful tips. But before you read on, know that there is no specific requirement for whether the rug can be under the sofa and chairs. In fact, the rug can be under the front legs only, or the back legs […]

What questions to ask a remodeling contractor? Six remodeling tips

Before remodeling, there are some good questions and specifications to go over with the contractor. Going over the right issues before you begin may just save your from problems down the road. Be sure to ask your contractor about the following: 1) If plumbing is kept in the same location (the toilet where it currently is, the sinks where it currently is, etc) how […]