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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Best Window treatments for bay windows & how to find window treatment fabrics.

People often ask how to make their bay window stand out, or how to draw attention to the architecture of the bay window through window treatments. Here are some ideas on the best way to find window treatment fabrics, or paints that will help your bay window stand out.

Paint the trim or the bay window area in a paint color that coordinates with your favorite designer fabrics in the room. Notice how it draws attention to the bay window, it invites you to relax in the area!

  • Ceilings can feel more impressive by adding decorative paint techniques such as a faux paint or custom medallions.
  • If the windows feel too short, you can add roman shades or a valance. Be sure to hang them very high so you won't block your view. Notice how these window treatments draw the eye up to create the illusion of taller windows!
  • Add a round rug, (or oval) to follow the architecture.
  • Faux paint or decorative paint can be on window frames, a window seat, or the bay area walls - to draw attention to architecture.
  • If the shape of the furniture is complimentary with the shape of the area it's helpful, notice how the round table fits well in the space below. 
Bay window with new window treatment valances & a yummy color added by recovering the chairs. Notice the bronze faux paint on the ceilings. This draws attention to the architecture. 
Window Treatments made this Greensboro NC bay window looked much bigger! 
 The window treatment "frames" the bay window for a nice finished look. 

The bay window needed valances above windows

This bay window treatment is hung outside the window. 
To find fabrics, think about your favorite colors. This yellow inspiration fabric on the cushion above helped the homeowner select a wall paint color, rugs, accessories, etc. 
The photo below shows their drapery fabric selection. We helped the homeowner visualize the bay window treatment by spreading out the fabrics and showing her dimensions with a tape measure.

Three MUST KNOW design tips:

1) Find an interior designer who can spread out the fabric bolt in your room (instead of a small swatch). Fabric color tones will change in the room once you spread out yards of it, try it yourself!  

2) A pattern repeat can be 4" or 40", sample books can be misleading and lead to costly mistakes! 

3) Create a  paper pattern - you'll get a better visual for the size and scale. 

Window treatment fabric selections for this Greensboro, NC homeowner were easy! 
We spread out drapery fabrics next to her rug, so she didn't have to try to visualize from swatches. To find window treatment fabrics, it's best to spread them out in the room, 
so you'll know how the end result will really look.  

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Melissa Epps said...

Great tip to hang the drapes outside of the bay window. I really like how the window treatments frames it.