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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Best Window treatments for bay windows & how to find window treatment fabrics.

People often ask how to make their bay window stand out, or how to draw attention to the architecture of the bay window through window treatments. Here are some ideas on the best way to find window treatment fabrics, or paints that will help your bay window stand out.

Paint the trim or the bay window area in a paint color that coordinates with your favorite designer fabrics in the room. Notice how it draws attention to the bay window, it invites you to relax in the area!

  • Ceilings can feel more impressive by adding decorative paint techniques such as a faux paint or custom medallions.
  • If the windows feel too short, you can add roman shades or a valance. Be sure to hang them very high so you won't block your view. Notice how these window treatments draw the eye up to create the illusion of taller windows!
  • Add a round rug, (or oval) to follow the architecture.
  • Faux paint or decorative paint can be on window frames, a window seat, or the bay area walls - to draw attention to architecture.
  • If the shape of the furniture is complimentary with the shape of the area it's helpful, notice how the round table fits well in the space below. 
Bay window with new window treatment valances & a yummy color added by recovering the chairs. Notice the bronze faux paint on the ceilings. This draws attention to the architecture. 
Window Treatments made this Greensboro NC bay window looked much bigger! 
 The window treatment "frames" the bay window for a nice finished look. 

The bay window needed valances above windows

This bay window treatment is hung outside the window. 
To find fabrics, think about your favorite colors. This yellow inspiration fabric on the cushion above helped the homeowner select a wall paint color, rugs, accessories, etc. 
The photo below shows their drapery fabric selection. We helped the homeowner visualize the bay window treatment by spreading out the fabrics and showing her dimensions with a tape measure.

Three MUST KNOW design tips:

1) Find an interior designer who can spread out the fabric bolt in your room (instead of a small swatch). Fabric color tones will change in the room once you spread out yards of it, try it yourself!  

2) A pattern repeat can be 4" or 40", sample books can be misleading and lead to costly mistakes! 

3) Create a  paper pattern - you'll get a better visual for the size and scale. 

Window treatment fabric selections for this Greensboro, NC homeowner were easy! 
We spread out drapery fabrics next to her rug, so she didn't have to try to visualize from swatches. To find window treatment fabrics, it's best to spread them out in the room, 
so you'll know how the end result will really look.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Before and After, how to add color to a room. See these room makeovers!

Color is a great way to update your home! Especially on porches, sun rooms, and through kitchen accessories.
  • Color can be done on a budget. Consider painting your walls, reupholstering cushions, or updating art & accessories.
  • Color can be changed to reflect the season! Think throw pillows or accessories!
  • Color can cheer up your home! You don't have to limit yourself to neutrals like taupe,  especially when things can be changed for little expense. People often comment that they crave the addition of color in their home, to avoid a drab environment.
  • Color can help make your home "flow" from room to room. In the adjacent kitchen we added accessories which repeat the color in the sunroom, (see bottom photo). 

Greensboro homeowner's sunroom
Blue and Green combination
BEFORE reupholstering
It's important that rooms "flow", the accessories we put in the kitchen helped us
repeat the colors from the adjacent rooms. 

If your sunroom has a tongue and groove ceiling make sure you text the stain colors on the actual wood. Often sunrooms end up with a tongue and groove ceiling that is too orange. This photo shows a nice brown tone, or you can whitewash it with a strong gray green white wash (to tone down the orange in the wood).

Colorful fabrics will make a cheerful statement that sets the mood for a sunporch. See below.

Ready to add color to your home but can't decide how to proceed? Beautiful fabrics are always a great place to start, they can give you the inspiration you need!

The cheerful blue & green fabrics create a  soothing environment on this porch. 

For designer room photos (BEFORE and AFTER) type in the SEARCH box above, for a few examples

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Monday, June 4, 2012

How to combine decorating styles, husband versus wife, with designer room photos.

I'm often asked how to combine two different decorating styles (example, when a husband's style is completely different than the wife's style). Believe it or not, it can easily be done, so that both people are happy with their surroundings.

Here are some recommended tips for combining decorating styles. If you have a wife, husband, roomate, or anyone else who has a say, these tips will help you combine styles.
  1. Each of you should make a wish list (separately), keeping in mind your budget, room size limitations, and the way the room must function.
  2. Browse through magazines, and pull photos of things that appeal to you. Note specifics such as "love this color" or "do not like this sofa because it's too contemporary".  Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words!
  3. Now you can work together to view each other's photos & lists, in order to make a joint list. It can be very specific such as "uncluttered" to less tangible such as "a warm and welcoming environment".
  4. Express where you can compromise, versus which things are of utmost importance to you.  
Still having trouble? Consider a one hour consultation with an experienced Interior Designer. They can pinpoint ways you can find styles that appeal to both of you!  Years of experience help them learn ways to get people to communicate and compromise.

Masculine wood tones for husband's design style 

 Above: an example of blending wood and masculine tones with a clean, contemporary style, with eclectic accents.

Chair fabric - Wife noted as her color preference
Dark island  - Husband's noted as his wood preference
Combining styles can work with proper communication  

Above: a combination of "light and bright" with "rich dark woods", see the kitchen island & dining table.  
Man cave photo with sitting area in basement

Above: an example of combining "comfortable area for lounging" with a pool table for entertainment.

Combining decorating styles may seem challenging at first, but know that if you research it and avoid impulse purchases, the entire family will be happy with the rooms for years. If the husband and wife make a list of what's important to them, and look through photos to communicate preferences that are important to them, the process will run smoother. 

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