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Friday, April 13, 2012

How to accessorise bookcases

After adding larger accessories

Before, with small accessories
Your accessory options for sheves and bookcases are endless! You can add lamps, art, and items you've collected while traveling. There are three main rules of thumb that will make your bookcases look great:

1) Size & Scale - If your room is large, or if it has high ceilings, then your accessories should be large. Too many small accessories will feel like "clutter", it will be so busy you won't appreciate your favorite items. The bookcase above is in a two store room, so we added accessories that were at least 24" tall.

2) Color & Texture - Your bookcases don't have to be white! See the before & after photos - we replaced the stark white with a more subtle cream tone, and added color on the backgound wall. Next we added pottery, leather, wood, etc. for a variety of textures.

3) Edit - most important of all! Ask yourself this - do I LOVE it? If not, could the item be moved to another room? Should I donate it? Keep in mind that after a hectic day of working, it's nice to come home to surroundings that are clutter free.

When you add accessories to your bookcases, you change the entire look of the room.
It can be fun to move things around periodically, so you can enjoy accessories that are normally hidden in back rooms.

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