What shape and size dining table should I get?

Wondering what shape dining table and how to layout the room? Check out these fabulous designer dining room photos…..with fun ways to update a dining room! If you are considering a long rectangular dining table, allow 24″ for each person (this will determine the number of chairs, but alsoconsider the width of each chair). Notice the […]

Do sconces need to match chandeliers? See these Candice Olsen light fixtures.

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Your sconce does not have to match your chandelier, or even be the same brand. As a matter of fact, you’ll notice famous designer Candice Olsen will mix and match light fixtures for a more interesting eclectic look! That way you can avoid the lighting showroom look (when they’re all the same style). Designer Candice Olsen used two […]

Should I paint an accent wall?

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People often ask if they should paint an accent wall or how to know which wall is best for an accent paint color. An accent wall can look stunning, or it can look odd. The decision of whether to paint an accent wall should be based on the architecture and the answers to these 4 […]

What type of window treatment is best for my french door and patio doors?

For window treatment styles to use on french doors or patio doors, we are featuring several before and after photos. There are numerous options available, you can often treat the french door just like you would a regular window, as long as you keep in mind the direction the door opens and closes.  In this Greensboro […]

Should I buy a sectional or a sofa? 7 pros and cons

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To decide between a sofa and a sectional, know that there are advantages and disadvantages to each. I hear feedback from homeowners everyday of the year, so I’m just passing along what homeowners say about their own furniture! 1) If you like to rearrange your furniture often, a sectional is not for you. You probably won’t have many […]

How to update my traditional home, see how Candice Olsen and other designer do it.

To update your home, designers have lots of tricks, see here how they do it!  1) Add contemporary art! In this Candice Olsen living room, the contemporary art gave the traditional furniture a fresh new look. Candice Olsen Living Room photo, this traditional furniture has an updated look through the addition of contemporary art, modern lamps, and […]

How to decorate the dining table for Thanksgiving, see these table settings!

Ready to embrace the fall season? See how these homeowners decorated for fall with centerpieces, using seasonal fruits and vegetables, and other fall foliage. These fall colors add a welcoming touch for the entire season, and can last through Thanksgiving day for your table decorating needs. This dining table arrangement is nice and low so guests can […]

How to update a kitchen on a budget, 6 tips and photos for alternatives to a complete remodeling job.

6 Ideas to update a kitchen on a budget! If you think there’s no alternative to a full kitchen remodel, think again! There are easy solutions to update a kitchen on a budget. A complete remodel can be time consuming, costly, and a big inconvenience. Here are 6 tips for updating your kitchen on a budget. Add Glass Doors! […]

Best valance styles for kitchens, baths, and bedrooms

These are the best looking valance styles. They are unique, clean and simple, and have a timeless style.  These photos range from very easy to make (which you could sew & hang as a weekend project) to more complicated. If budget is key, notice that some valances are stapled to a 1 x 4 board, so you don’t have to purchase a […]

How to layout furniture in a long or large living room,

To layout the furniture in a long narrow room, know that their are several ways you can “trick the eye” so the room will feel wider. Do a sketch or to scale furniture layout – your back will thank you if you spend more time planning & less time moving furniture! 1) Create sections by adding fabric between […]